Nov. 7, 2023

Seeking Justice

by Milo Rose (author's profile)


Seeking Justice

As I communicate with my new pen pal- I find myself being thankful that I can add excerpts
from my emails to her - to my blog - here is my latest excerpt
Back to earth - No - I never heard of that Integrity group - My problem is no one will intervene
in my behalf as long as the State controls my legal representation, as they continue to oversee
my death by natural causes - if you can call their premeditated actions natural ?!? They are in
control of my legal representation and want to keep it that way and will since no group wants to
intervene to stop them - which places me in a dilemma of how to change that - we may be able to
reverse the trend and put a stop to their criminal actions ! What is needed is an investigate
reporter to begin asking questions and seeking answers as to why the withholding of
exculpatory evidences in my case has not received the paramount attention, diligence and
zealous advocacy it requires ! If I cannot get anyone to challenge the facade of legal
representation being forced on me - I will continue dying a slow agonizing death at their hands
and in end no one will be the wiser ... Take note of that and seek to help me reverse the
trend!!! As long as they can force their faade of legal representation on me - they feel safe from
prosecution for racketeering and the knowledge there us very little I am able to do about it !


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