April 24, 2011

What's Network 519?

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What's Network 519?

The blogsite Network 519 is conceived as being a discussion, dialogue, and common pursuit by me the author, Danny Bonds, and you like-minded progressive people throughout the world.

The number 519 was taken from the birth date of the great new Afrikan (black American) leader, the honorable Malcolm X (5/19/1925). It signifies my high honor, respect, and praise of the honorable Malcolm X as my greatest revolutionary inspiration.

The chief aim and objective of Network 519 is to build a social network of dedicated, informed, and enlightened friends, companions, and supporters who share with the me the same progressive values, interests, views, and aspirations in life, and who also wish to join me in fruitful discussion and dialogue in the common pursuit of noble achievements and great endeavors.

Network 519 will include letters, articles, essays, and other writings and materials that express, reflect, and cover my own personal, professional, and creative interests, as well as my peculiar experience, insights, analysis, and world view on a broad range of current human affairs, issues, and events.

This Network 519 blogsite is a social forum and network. It is my means of connecting and engaging with progressive people and thinkers throughout the world. It also serves as the organ and sponsor for non-profit organizations and/or other entities established by me, including the following:

*Thomas Noel and Gloria Young Family Foundation
*Texas Prisoners' Freedom Agenda Campaign
*New Afrikan Center for Self-Determination
*Institute For New Afrikan Fellowship

Finally, Network 519 is my sincere and earnest attempt to:
*be an agent for progressive social change
*be a guardian of freedom, justice, and equality
*make a difference in the world that is uplifting, life-affirming, and life-enhancing
*leave a living legacy to my family, my new Afrikan and black Afrikan people, and to all humanity as a whole.

Reparations yes!
Free the land!
Allahu akbar!


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