July 11, 2011

3 Poems

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A Mother's Precious Love

Both unique and extraordinary'
a mother's precious love.
That affection and devotion which best comforted and
nurtured me as a child;
a mother's previous love.
That compassion and encouragement which revealed
my true self-worth and always pointed me in the
right direction;
a mother's precious love.
That loyalty and trust which believed in me and
supported me, even when I was in deep trouble,
considered a wretch, and could call on no one else;
a mother's precious love.
That inspiration which gave me hope and kept my
dreams alive, though I was surrounded by darkness;
a mother's precious love.
That strength and courage which supported me and
enabled me to continue fighting, even in situations
where I've encountered failure and defeat;
a mother's precious love.
That sense of pride and decency which allows me to
love myself and be fair, respectful, and kind to everyone
a mother's precious love.
So, to my dear mother Gloria, I'd like to say:
Thank you for your unconditional love and sacrifice.
Your love will always remain precious to me.

Your loving son,
Danny Bonds



Dear Momma

Dear Momma—
you mean the world to me,
my only wish is to come home to thee.
Dear Momma—
don't worry or cry,
God is great and His will shall abide.
Dear Momma—
keep a smile on your face and don't ever
lose faith,
one day soon I'll be there to give you comfort
and to keep you safe.
Dear Momma—
take care of yourself and always walk with
your head held high,
truth crushed to the ground shall again rise.

Love you always,
your son

Danny Bonds

* My dear and beloved mother Gloria returned to our creator and lord on 7/08/2009. May God bless her soul and grant her paradise for a job well done.


A Lost Love All So True
by Danny Bonds

Woke up this morning thinking about you.
Such beautiful thoughts, a lost love all
so true.

Not one to boast about all the girls that
passed through my mind.
Just keeping it real with myself,
this fight between me and vanity unfurl.

Bouquet of red roses, wish I could give you
on your birthday, 28th of June.
Small token of something deep inside so
surreal like the full moon.

Listen to the music on the radio
Do you remember the song when we made
love the last day.

Divine laws governing our universe.
Is it over for real, what about we listen
to a new verse.

Walking in my dream holding your
Just the two of us, in Loveland.

Making sure I do this time what I
forgot the last.
Show you that I really care, it's
not all about a piece of ass.

But if it's all over, that's kool
In my heart, there will always
be sweet and tender feelings for
you, a lost love all so true.

I'm not doing no trippin', the
decision is yours alone to make
I should've known the first time,
true love was at stake.

If a future romance with me, you're
not having it,
I'll take my dog to a new field,
chase me a new rabbit.

When all is said and done, life is
nothing but trial and error.
How one matures and learns of a lost
love all so true, that might or might
not be lost forever.


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