May 1, 2011

Prison Slang

by James Collins (author's profile)


Prison Slang

1. Dump truck = Refers to one that isn't very good in competition, especially team competition.
2. Zip Gun = A small homemade gun with enough deadly force of a "22" rifle.
3. Mark: A person that is targeted for death.
4. Pruno: Wine made by inmates.
5. Ducat: A small piece of paper given by staff when an inmate has an appointment.
6. Keep point = One that stands by to watch if the guards approach while an illegal instance is conducted
7. Girly man = A pretty male that is homosexual.
8 - Kite = A short letter
9. Sunshine = A coded word among inmates in the hole meaning one needs a light for a smoke.
10. Get along Chrono = A paper that is signed by "2" combatants agreeing to no more fighting each other
11. Big Hommie = Is an inmate that has a lot of power in a gang - one that has earned respect.
12. Shoot it = To pass an item to another.
13. Snow bunny = A word used by Black inmates to identify a white woman.
14. Raghead = A word used by the white inmates to demean other races.
15. Pony = A female that brings drugs into an institution for the distribution of sales.
16. My Nigga = A term used to address others as a friendly greeting, as one says hello.
17. Race traitor = An inmate that disowns his own race and is deemed an enemy because of it.
18. Slinging ink = One who tattoos
19. Slinging them: One who is fighting with fists
20. Keys to the yard = Usually an inmate who calls shots or sends inmates to carry out tasks like hits on inmates.
21. Shank = A sharpened piece of metal
22. Holmes = A friendly form of addressing one another.
23. In the hat = An inmate that is targeted for death and straws are drawn to see who is chosen to carry out the act.
24. On the shine = A person no one talks to because he did something he should not have.
25. On the leva = The same meaning as on the shine
26. Candy ass = a young homosexual.
27. Getting them up = To fight.
28. It's hot = Material or written kites that could get you into trouble if confiscated
29. Gut Rot = Whiskey made from pruno by distilling it.
30. Clucking = Selling merchandise cheap.
31. Boneyard visits = Housing within the facility where inmates can visit with family privately
32. Got a fish on the line = when a certain person is thought to be gullible enough to be used for gain.
33. Rat = One who tells or snitches
34. On the down-low = Not drawing attention to yourself.
35. Cover-up = Instead of removing a tattoo, one is tattooed over the old one.
37. Pay Rent = A weak inmate is made to pay money if he wants to stay unharmed.
38. Hanging on my boots straps. When someone continually comes to ask for things - he's considered a bum.
39. You're getting heavy = A person that is a bum and never repays what he borrows.
40. Zipper Cut = A razor cut from ear to ear made to make one bleed out.
41. Touchdown = One says it when a kite or merchandise makes to its destination from another inmate.
42. Suited and booted = inmates use the term to let another inmate to be alert at the possible danger, meaning he should be ready with shoes on.
43. In the mix = something that is anticipated to happen or being planned
44. Knack = A person that is not considered to be of the in-crowd - a weaker person.
45. Dog = A term used to address your friend or partner
46. Homeboy = Someone that lives in the general area where you live.
47. Clicks = Various gangs.
48. drop a dime = To tell on someone.
49. A flick = Usually a family picture.
50. Pinner = A small rolled joint.
51. Cho-mo = A child molester.
52. "2" fiver = A new gang in the protective custody population.
53. New flower = Another gang in the protective custody population.
54. Eating cheese = A person who is considered a coward.
55. Iced = Someone that is tabbed to death
56. Break bread = To share with someone
57. Yard dog = One that stays outside all day.
58. It popping = Usually to identify a riot
59. Bust it out = Means to share.
60. Stepping on toes = Getting into a transaction that doesn't pertain to you.
61. End of the line = Usually refers to a life sentence.
62. Bulls = Correctional officers.
63. Man down = Is yelled by inmates when someone is in need of medical help.
64. Cell Warrior = A person who yells from a cell to another cell with threatening voices.
65. Runner = A person that delivers messages or merchandise especially illegal things or messages
66. Bounce = To leave an area.
67. Break mine off = It is said when one has a portion of something or the anticipation of sharing in it.
68. Dragging = Stalling for time.
69. Bone crusher = A weapon used to break bones and made from plastic.
70. Big Bertha = A gun that is used to disable fights - it shoots rubber projectiles.
71. I send mine = A way of saying I respect you.
72. A mission = A person who is sent to stab a particular inmate
*More to come soon


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