March 7, 2012

Welcome to Hell

From Incarcerated Poetry: Intriguing Words Of Conviction! by David Pannell (author's profile)



Welcome to Hell

Welcome to Hell-
an environment in which many are subjugated to live
The population is continually growing with the presence of young kids.
Some may be guilty, others are not; yet the judicial system doesn't care,
This is a multi-billion dollar business we are speaking about here.
A steel box constructed into a six-by-ten human size cage
Pain and anger, frustration and regret, feeling so much rage
Bowel moving, sleeping and eating all int the same place.
Nothing ever changes here, it is the same day after day
Seven a.m. every day begins with the sound of a bell
Yells and screams fills the air with the sound of opening cells
The day begins enroute we go to sit down to have something to eat
Meals of slop we're forced to eat prepared from spoiled meat
Mandatory body searches whenever they shall demand
Daily abuse by racist officers just so they can get a laugh
Calls for help are rarely heard because many do not care
Many families are not there so support is very rare
With modern day slavery we are subjected to work for almost free
Acts of violence promoted for anything as small as controlling the TV
These are just some of the conditions that the administration creates
Meant to assure that we are divided and each other we hate
Angry face, intimidation, a knife is always near
Battle marks perceived as beauty marks, a scar from mouth to ear
Little pleasures are mail and visits whenever they may come
But some have no one to depend on so they never receive any one
Pen-pal services we utilize to obtain a loyal friend
Corrupted staff with devilish minds puts restrictions on our pens
One hundred and so rules we are supposed to follow
Fabricated misbehavior reports just to take five dollars
Harassment comes in all type of forms just to create a problem
Twenty-three hours isolation, a dislike for a prisoner, the officer decides to starve him
Deprivation orders for the little things that we still have
Criminal activities from the officers to the administrative staff
A senseless beating results in death, but yet they tell a lie
Late at night he hangs himself and decides to say goodbye
Collect phone calls home with an outrageous billing scheme
Department of Correction(al) this is supposed to be, but
everything isn't what it seems
The educational department is designed so that no one really learns
Beneficial programs such as college discontinued so that none of us will return
It is their only plan to assure that most of us will fail
Now ask yourself: do you want to be a part of this
If so, welcome to hell!

Eliot Spitrer corrected the phone issue before he resigned.


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