April 3, 2012

Greetings! 3/23/12

From Incarcerated Poetry: Intriguing Words Of Conviction! by David Pannell (author's profile)


March 123, 2012


Foremost, please pardon the delay of today's posting. Unfortunately I do not possess direct access to the internet. So I ask of you to please be patient and 'overstanding' with any future postings.

I sincerely thank you for spending another day at 'Incarcerated Poetry: Intriguing words of conviction' I am honored to have such opportunity with sharing these words with you and I do trust they are enjoyed.

I open today's blog up with a poem titled 'Wasted Talent' This poem was inspired by all the talent I am surrounded by within the belly of the beast, which has become wasted talent to most. I have decided to share such poem with you to depict that some of us are more than just 'no good prisoners, etc' At the same time, this poem was written to awaken and forewarn the youths that find themselves slowly walking down the wrong path. It is my hope for them to grasp the message I am attempting to convey to them, with the hope they will take control of their lives and learn to appreciate and utilize their talents before it becomes...'Wasted Talent'.

To follow I present you with 'I Am Beautiful'. It is written from the perspective of a woman with the intent to empower, uplift and encourage every woman around the world regardless of ethnicity, etc. I believe that too many people in general tend to view themselves as less than the beauty of who they truly are and believe the ugly things others tend to say about them. However, these words were written to remind every woman of the beauty that go has blessed them with. So whenever you may be feeling down, etc, just remember and say, I am Beautiful!!!' and believe it because you truly are!

In closing I leave you with 'Delineations' written to depict the many delineations of the ghetto. Delineations are just some of the madness tha tis happening in every ghetto all over the world. While some of you may be fortunate enough to only pass through the ghetto, using the local newspapers as you link to the streets. There are others who are stuck in the ghetto; living their lives behind the scenes of articles you read. Some are there b choice, whi;le others are there by force. Through these articles some tend to believe they actually know what the ghetto tru;ly is. However, this poem was written to provide you with a vivid mental delineation of what the ghetto truly is physically, Emotionally, financially as well as psychologically. So envision as you read and capture a glimpse of 'Delineations' within the ghetto.

With that being expressed, please enjoy the expression of me and my pen...



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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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