March 7, 2012

Time, Friend or Foe? I Don't Know

From Incarcerated Poetry: Intriguing Words Of Conviction! by David Pannell (author's profile)



Time, Friend or Foe? I Don't Know

Take a moment to look deep into my psyche...
I wonder, would it resemble any resemblance of how many view me
To speak of light many seem to see
That granular ray of shine is my hope in Time
My soul sits with his arms folded and stares out the window of my eyes
With no blinds to shade or hinder, no lies in Time
Only in Time will it be certain of something. I want, I earned
things that are rightfully mine
Where is it all at that it craves, wants, needs?
Why only Time can deliver the edges in my face with
painful grace as my soul aches in wait?
It's getting late with my appointment with Fate
Time has depreciated my attention in patience
The moaning of my soul has begun to turn my heart cold
Is Time my friend or foe?
Knowing takes waiting on Time to ascend
Can Time mop up all that I have lost waiting
on it to run its course?
Like the love that has seeped out of my pores,
scattered and trampled abroad.
Will Time deliver me back my peace that has been
shattered into pieces?
Too unrecognized, fragile, disrespectful, unsounded to mend
Time is wonderfully hurting me
Losing me
Forgetting me
Destroying me... piece by piece
Excitingly erasing my moment of the presents in the present
Time is the only certain thing to continue
whether it gives or it takes
Time, show me what Fate lies for my wait
To burn or extinguish my destiny
Hold my soul, Time
Be kind to my heart
Show my eyes a greater tomorrow
Release my mind from your madness
Taste my tears I've cried and dried
Quench my unknown end to my start
My mind waits in the balance of Time
Anticipating Time
Living Time
Fighting Time
Doing Time
Watching Time go by...
My Time
Your Time
Look for me again in due Timeā€”The Find Gustation
For the moment, look deep into your psyche
And let me know
Time, friend or foe?
Honestly, at this moment, I really don't know
Do you?


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