May 13, 2011

An Update from Michael J. Riley

by Michael J. Riley (author's profile)


In my last blog, I said that the Plymouth County DA bent testimony to destroy me and my wife. I really can't say that about my wife's trial because I don't know that for sure. I wasn't there. However, going by what happened in my trial, there's a pretty good likelihood they did.

For three years, my wife and I went to court side-by-side. Then, when we were sitting down on what was supposed to be the first day of jury selection in our trial, the cases were severed. They split us up minutes before we were to start picking our jury. My wife was tried first in a 17 day trial and was convicted of second degree murder. A month and half later, I was convicted of first degree murder in a 15 day trial.

Some of the things the DA was saying but, to my knowledge, never made it into any formal report, were absolutely horrendous. It was said that we overdosed our daughter for months to torture her before killing her. My wife and I have matching memorial tattoos for Rebecca. It was said that we knew what day we were going to kill her, and we went out before she died and had them done, complete with birth and death dates. Then, when it was made, we would know when the tattoos were ordered and

[page redacted]

This is only scratching the surface of the garbage the DA was saying about my wife and I. The DA, as I said, sank their teeth into us and wouldn't let go. They didn't seem to care that two of the people, other than my family, were drug addicts. One of of them was stealing my children's medications.

I'll be pointing out more lies and misrepresentations in future blog posts. I welcome your feedback. If you have questions, ask them and I will try to answer them. However, I don't have direct access, so it will likely take some time. I will answer. Probably on average, once or twice a month.



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