June 28, 2012
by Randy Whiting (author's profile)



If Wisconsin can do it, all States can! Wisconsin now has a prison phone system in place that costs family and friends 12 cents per minute if they're In-State and 18 cents per minute if they're Out-Of-State. And no hook-up fee! What a blessing!

Incarcerated parents can now call home more often without putting a financial burden on their families. Instead of their call adding stress, due to the cost, their call is welcomed and can help lead to healing.

Incarceration is a very significant event in a family's life. It's a time when many issues come to the forefront and must be dealt with. It can obviously be a crossroads in the lives of all involved. And while time apart can be part of the healing process, communication is vitally important. And the communication provided by letters is not enough during these times because it is not interactive. Phone calls and/or visits are crucial.

Visits aren't always an option due to the distance from the prison and scheduling conflicts with other activities so phone calls are the only option left. However, if these calls cost $20 for a 15-minute call not very many calls are going to take place. And that only leads to more problems that could have been avoided by lower costs.

Lower prison phone costs actually benefit society by keeping families together. If Wisconsin can do it, all States can!

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Donaldtappa Posted 10 years ago. ✓ Mailed 10 years ago   Favorite
hey bro,
well i know it has taken me a lil longer to write then i said but hey it gets wild out here. lol well i will start off by telling u things seem to be going ok so far i have gotten 50/50 of my daughter Payton Mae Tappa. I get her from Thursday 5pm to sunday 5pm. well im not stoping there im going for soul custody. And im almost sure il get it i have the right people in my corner with me and surprisingly i have not got into any shit. I work out everyday. I still have my same car and i just started giving Plasma i get 55 bucks a week for that and i had a job interview today at this place here in town called grafic mangment. They make like shop towels and that kind of stuff i will know next week if i got it i hope to god that i do. Man my kid, Randy Bro i cant tell u what that lil girl has done man,i luv that kid more then anything on earth. I mean i can go on and on about her she looks just like me and god she loves the hell out of me. Up untill this past weekend NO ONE has been able to get her out of my arms not even my Uncle or Aunt now she is starting to open up to them. But Bro i have never had nothing hit me like she did. I cry like a lil bitch every time i have to let her go on sunday. Man she has for sure give me a new line of sight i tell u that. But i feel good and yeah i want to snap out on swum people but hey ya know how that is. HAHA But Bro i really dont think i willbe back unless some one hurts my kid then its all over with ya know. But I will get u sum pictures as soon as i get them. I got a nice lab top a nice phone but Bro the new ness has not wore off of being out. I spend alot of time alone at home i like it that way keeps me out of shit ya know. But I go to get into school next week. Been doing alot of work with my uncle cutting trees and painting. I am planing on getting my own place cause we dont get along to good ya know. Been down by the hot red head a few times she will be moving soon up here. Other then that shit is good out here. Il stop for now in hope to hear back. Tell Joe, Flinchba to get one of these things so i can write him like this cause paper and pen shit is not cutting it ya know. Just give me a bit and il get u sum pics. But u be cool and get back to me Bro,

Your Guy
Doc Tappa,,

Randy Whiting Posted 9 years, 11 months ago.   Favorite
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prisonactionnews Posted 5 years, 11 months ago. ✓ Mailed 5 years, 11 months ago   Favorite
Hi, Randy

I am writing to let you know about Prison Action News, a biannual journal of prisoners' stories of resistance to incarceration. Written by prisoners and edited and distributed by outside volunteers, PAN has about 1,600 incarcerated subscribers across the US. It is a great outlet to both read and publish stories about fighting exorbitant phone prices, or any other oppressive aspect of prison life. If you would like to subscribe to PAN, write to:

PO Box 832
Watertown, MA 02472

We will print and mail your reply by . Guidelines

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