June 27, 2012

Full Discloures

by Patrick Roehr (author's profile)



I'm currently in a new phase of my time where I'm in 10 years to the gate. So I've been doing this blog and a couple of pen pal sites. Just to put myself out there.

My policy for this is always full disclosure. Meaning, I'm upfront about my crime. Yes, it's murder. No, it's not a habit. Yes, I'm remorseful. No, the crime does not define me. No surprises for people writing me.

Other inmates have actually warned me against telling my crime. Really? Then again, these other inmates have far more heinous charges than me. Sex with kids, eating people—you name it. So they don't tell their pen pals what they're here for. Of course, they get more mail than me.

To me, it's simple. If a pen pal or future friend can't accept me after hearing what I'm in prison for, then fuck 'em. I'd rather have two or three pen pals who are accepting than not. First off, they're writing people off a prison pen pal site, for crap's sake. So if they're frightened off by a person's mistake, then good riddance.

I'm just disgusted by these people's idea of getting friends outside on pen pal sites. As if people can't find out why you're locked up. Who you foolin'? They're obviously on the computer, stupid! So keep on with your userous habits, your social vampire practices, your lead veil of lies—and I'll do things my way. Full, upfront disclosure. Warts and all.

"Kirk out."


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skroehr Posted 10 years, 8 months ago. ✓ Mailed 10 years, 8 months ago   Favorite
Hi Patrick:
Honesty is the best policy. Excellent post.

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