Sept. 14, 2012

Uncovering the Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

by Milo Rose (author's profile)



On October 3, 2011, the United States Supreme Court denied to review the merits of the appeal fraudulently filed before them in my name. I was not surprised, nor was I surprised they failed to recognize the merits of the personal petitions I filed protestingthe false representation by the attorney who was free to file fraudulent appeals in my name, throughout the appellate process.
on October 6, 2011, a majority of Florida's Supreme Court issued an order in another death row case. Stating death sentenced appelants may not appear pro se (represent themselves) in post conviction appeals. This order issued by a majority of Florida Supreme Court judges left open the door for abuse. Something the two dissenting, Florida Supreme Court judges pointed out. I was surprised by the fact this case involved the same trial judge who years before appointed the same attorney to represent me on appeal and how no one within the legal system would recognize their abuse in my case. While here they were given the green light by the Florida Supreme Court to Continue their criminal conduct. Not only them, but anyone else who wants to abuse the two loopholes stating a death sentenced inmate does not have a right to represent themselves on appeal, and also does have a right to effective represntation of counsel. Here is an excerpt from the opinion of the two dissenting Florida Supreme Court judges:
"Even if there is no constitutional right for a prisoner under sentence of death to preceed pro se is a postconviction proceeding, i conclude that it is an unwise and unfai policy to saddle such a litigant with counsel against his wishes- particularlywhen the litigant is without any meaningful remedy for the infective assistance of counsel."

Sadly, the appellate courts left me saddled with my hands tied behind my back, and a noose around my neck, as an attorney (henchman) got paid to file fraudulent appeals in my name. Appeals which i maintain present strong, unrefutable evidence to indict him and his cohortsfor obstruction of justice. I am now using this blog, as an appeal to this court of public opinion, to help me achieve a meaningful remedy. To not only bring an end to the 30 year miscarriage of justice I suffer, but to also bring those to justice who have shown themselves to be members of a criminal enterprise of raceteers, operating within Florida's legal community. Working together in collusion to do whatever it takes to protect their 51 million dollara year illicit death penalty scheme. Please share this blog with anyone and everyone, you feel will help to bring the misscarriage of justice I suffer out of obscurity. So those guilty of abusing their power and authority have to answer for their criminal behavior, and I am finally given a fair day in court. Thank you!

Milo Rose


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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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