Nov. 17, 2012

The Cycle Of Corruption

by Bobby Fratta (author's profile)


THE CYCLE OF CORRUPTION (Why so many repeat offenders, gangs & criminals)
by Bobby Fratta

I need to start off by revealing I was a police office for Missouri City, adjoining Houston, up until my case occurred. So I am familiar with the inner workings of city, county & State systems. I met Eric Cathey (AKA - Big Cat, Mpaka, Velvet Panther, Batman Lover, The Darker Night, & Erkel on steroids) shortly after my arrival on Death Row in 1996. We hit it off well, became workout partners, & have remained friends ever since - even tho he has refused my beggings to become a member of PURE - simply because I am white. So add "racist bastard" to his AKA list. Ha. Just joking! :) Anyhow, I grew up in white suburbia where I never saw corrupt cops, & we actually looked up to them. Then us PSO cops in MO City were pretty decent guys too. My first dealing with big city cops came when HPD made a felony stop in my jurisdiction while I was on patrol. One of the b/m suspects was laid down on an ant bed when they cuffed him behind his back. He had no shirt on, & his chest & stomach were crawling with ants when he stood up. He jumped & pleaded with HPD to get the ants off him. The reaction of the HPD cops? "Fuck you. And if you get any ants in my car - I'll kick your ass!" As they proceeded to push him into their car, I grabbed the suspect's arm & said to HPD: "Hold up", & I brushed the ants off him. I then got thrown dirty looks & called an asshole by HPD as they left. My next dealing with HPD was even worse. They harassed & made up false charges against 2 people who did not break any laws. I also witnessed 2 Precinct, 4 Constable deputies refuse to file any charges or even write a report against a lady (who they KNEW had committed crimes & a serious child abuse on 3 different occasions), simply because she flaunted her large breasts & sweet talked them out of taking proper action with CPS, etc., each time. Then came my dealings with the Harris County Sheriff's Dept. (HCSD) detectives when my case occurred. They forced me into a small room, cuffed me behind my back to a chair, kicked & punched me repeatedly, spit in my face, threw photos in my face, refused to let me call my attorney or anyone, deprived me of food & sleep for about 15 hours, & tried to force me to sign a false confession they had made up themselves. When they arrested me 5 1/2 months later, they had me lay on the ground, forced me into single cuffs behind my back, then 3 of them did simultaneous knee drops on my back, dislocating my right shoulder & tearing my rotator cuff, fracturing my right wrist, & reinjuring my lower back area I had recently had surgery on. Many of the HCSD jailers were equally as corrupt. The trial judge violated all kinds of laws & rights to make sure I got convicted & sentenced to die, & the DA's Office is still withholding all kinds of evidence they know would exonerate me. Then came the TDCJ prison system. TDCJ stands for Texas Department of Criminal Justice. They had to change their name from Texas Department of Corrections (TDC) because they do NOT try to "correct" or rehabilitate anyone. Worse yet, TDCJ intentionally inflicts abuses & mistreatment, & promotes racism, violence, & a lack of motivation for inmates to rehabilitate themselves, by the examples TDCJ officials set for inmates. TDCJ officials & their Senate Oversight Committee do NOT obey or enforce state or federal laws, civil rights, humane treatment, or even TDCJ policies supposedly written to protect inmates from abuse & mistreatment. And they have no proper system of checks & balances for our valid grievances. The all in-house personnel are taught & trained in how to deny our grievances. If we bring civil suits, most - if not all judges, are either in TDCJ's pocket or very pro TDCJ & anti prisoners. Since we don't have the money to hire attorneys, our suits must be filed by us, pro se, at approximately $350 each suit. Since our suits are either denied or drag on for many years, we are discouraged by that waste of time & money; as well as the inevitable harsh retaliations each Unit inflicts upon those who do so. Heck, I'll probably be retaliated against just for this article! Then there's the public defender system of attorneys appointed by the corrupt judges to "represent" us in our trials & appeals. We are their meal tickets. Since they are employed by the system, they work for the system. So most of these attorneys INTENTIONALLY SABOTAGE US at trial & appeals - in order to keep getting appointments to earn good livings. Many inmates like myself who are being sabotaged, study the law as best we can in order to file legal briefs, motions, etc., ourselves pro se - to fight for truth & justice since our attorneys aren't. Yet the judges will either ignore, or deny our filings without reason/an Opinion, regardless that the written laws are on our side in most cases. In our efforts for justice & relief, I & many hundreds - if not thousands of inmates have written all kinds of politicians & every investigatory branch of city, county, state, & federal governments, begging for investigations to prove our innocence, &/or the abusive treatments by TDCJ. But aside from Sen. Rodney Ellis & Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee helping a few select fellow blacks, no one cares to do anything. I bring up Ellis & Lee not to point out their racisms for refusing to do anything for me or other whites who have written them, but rather to educate whites & point out that I'm not aware of ANY white politicians or government employees doing ANYTHING to fight all this corruption in our systems. Even Dallas D.A., Craig Watkins, who is black, has done a splendid job of making sure his staff follows the laws, tests all DNA properly, turns over evidence, & admits when wrongful convictions have been discovered. You won't find Houston D.A. Patricia Lykos or any other white D.A. being honest like Mr Watkins. Why are blacks the only ones trying to fight corruption? Why don't whites?!

All this corruption & abuse that I have, & still am personally experiencing within the law enforcement, prosecutorial, judicial, public defender, penal, appellate, legislative, investigative, & Executive branches of our system, IS THE SAME as HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of OTHER Texas inmates, & MILLIONS MORE around the U.S. during the courses of their lives. And I have NOT told you anywhere near all the abuses inflicted upon me. But my point is - when you have millions of people experiencing such corruption, abuse & violence within the system, you can't expect them to have any respect for the system, its authority figures, or whites who don't give a darn about all this corruption. And since there is no focus on rehabilitation in TDCJ & other States, many - if not most inmates are not motivated to rehabilitate themselves. Even the few who do, can still harbor animosity against the system for its corruption. So millions of inmates relay these truths of the corruption to millions more family members & friends who have not been incarcerated or committing crimes. But seeing how the system has treated their loved ones, & constantly hearing outspoken citizens & politicians talking about a need for being even "tougher on crime" & prisoners, causes many of these people to harbor & display total disregard for laws & other people in general - because they equate being tougher on crime & prisoners to mean even more corruption in the system & abusive treatment for their loved ones in prison. Sadly, they are correct! Many people also view the strong cliques of corrupt officials & employees in the various systems as being "gang members". So in following the systems' examples, they form gangs too. Since the system REFUSES to obey the laws & rules, or show any regard for civil or human rights, why should they? - becomes their mentality. Then there's also all the "white collar" & non-criminal victims of such corruption who are now aware of it, but did & do nothing to fight it. Unfortunately, people, it IS overwhelming - because there is SO MUCH corruption being allowed to run rampant within the various systems of "the system". As things stand now, we have millions of people nationwide who have been victimized by a corrupt system, millions more who have been made aware of it, but basically no one doing anything to stop it. Hence, we not only get many repeat offenders, but also a continuing cycle of corruption from criminal to system to friends & family of the criminals & prisoners. We MUST do SOMETHING to stop that cycle. We the people must make ALL our systems of the system INcorrupt - so the incorrupt system can lead by THAT example. Insist upon, & vote only for politicians who vow to weed out & prosecute ALL corrupt members within the system, & make sure they do. If they don't, oust/impeach them & replace them with ones who will. Being tough on crime means prosecuting the crime committers within the system too. No "immunities" for the corrupt. THEN crime rates & repeat offenders will decline. Start THAT cycle of INcorruption. But if you refuse to take any action, don't be shocked if you or a loved one get framed for a crime, are violated & abused by the system in some manner yourself, or have an encounter with a repeat offender or his loved one. And for those Christians who feel our current systems & racial tensions in the U.S. cannot be fixed, please watch for for the solution!


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