April 19, 2017

Comment Response

by Bobby Fratta (author's profile)
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Open Letter About My Case
(June 22, 2014)


Reply ID: cypp
4/10/17 (emailed 4/11)

Dear Cathy818, cypp, or whatever your name may be,

Although the comment you left has numerous spelling and grammatical errors like that of a six-year-old child, I believe I get the gist (see how that's spelled?) of what you're trying to say.

But the bottom line is this, Cathy: you're obviously a very miserable person who can't find or keep a good man, so you choose to vent your frustrations out on others via cyber bullying. All such cyber bulling shows you are consumed with hate instead of love, and you are also a coward for not writing directly to me here at the unit and providing me with your address and photo of yourself so I can place a face to your words. The fact that you would spend your time googling me, reading about me and my children, then leaving anti-Christian rhetoric on a public arena shows decent people how pathetic your life must be.

So I feel sorry for you, Cathy. Read the Bible. Go to a spirit-filled church where you can join a fellowship with loving people or Christians. Ask for God's Holy Spirit to come into you. Get baptized—if you haven't already been fully immersed in water. Make Jesus Lord of your life and be filled with love, Cathy. Then write to me and let's fellowship together to the glory of our Heavenly Father, God!

Peace be with you. Amen.
Bobby Fratta


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