June 24, 2017

To My 3 Children

by Bobby Fratta (author's profile)


To: My 3 children- Brad, Daniel, & Amber Baquer
Re: Dual citizenship & possible health insurance coverage
Date: 6/12/17

Only recently I was told 1 of my children had gotten shot 4 times & hospitalized in ICU near the end of 2015, but supposedly doing okay not. I'm still trying to find out details. Apparently a GOFundME account was set up by a friend of my child, named Candis . That as stated my child had no medical coverage & needed donations to pay all the current & future bills, & that any donations would be placed into an account in my child's grandparents names (Lex & Betty Baqure). Being that Lex is responsible for framing me & using a forged document to steel over $150,000 I had in a Barclays Bank account for my children, I obviously don't trust Lex worth a flip. I'm very confused & concerned about all this. & here's 1 reason why:

Prior to marrying their mom, 1 of many promises she gave me was that she's become a U.S citizen ( because she, Lex are British citizens). After we got married & I was attempting to get Farah to become a citizen, Lex asked me not to do it. His reason that me change my mind- was that our children would have "dual citizenship" of the U.S & U.K., which meant they could capitalize on the medical coverage of the U.K. system if need be. I had excellent health benefits for my children & never needed to look into this alleged dual citizenship status & benefits. But after reading the GOfundMe ad, now I have to question if they do have dual status where all my child's medical bill can be sent to the U.K. for payment or reimbursement, & if Lex ever even told my children about the dual status they can claim.
Is there such a dual status claim my kids can make to get medical coverage from the U.K.?
If so, did Lex ever tell them about it? And if my kids do have coverage, did Lex make the claim since he got custody of my kids, & is HE therefore collecting money from the U.K. Plus any donations from GOFundMe & friends of my kids?
The bottom line is this; - can someone reading this please contact my kids & ask them to look into any dual citizenship status they can claim so at least they can get answers about it? They have a right to know they may be fully covered for medical expense's by the U.K., plus have other unknown benefit's by claiming such.

Thanks you,

Bobby Fratta


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