Dec. 6, 2012

Comment Response

by Guy Graves (author's profile)
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(June 14, 2012)


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Son, 11/20/12 I pray this letter or blog finds you in the best of health and spirits for that is how I am on this end of the pen. I must start out by telling you I love you with all my heart and I never meant to do anything in my life that would hurt you or your brothers, sisters, my parents, brothers, girlfriends, that list could go on and on. It hurts me that I hurt you, Son. More than anything I know I let you down. I am here to listen to you if you got things you need to get off your chest.

I want to know how you feel and respect it. I can understand you get mad when you think of things. I guess I would also if I was in your shoes. I bet you ask yourself why did I not want to be there in your life? Son, I do now and always have wanted to be in your life. I would do anything to take back that day, son. Unfortunately I cannot but I have asked God to forgive me for that day and he has. I can say I am sorry for helping life be harder for you by not being in your life. If my actions hurt you, I am sorry. I do see how you feel. Now I want you to know I have gave my life to Christ. I have been praying daily for y'all to contact me sooner or later. Look here, prayer works. I pray each day for you and your brothers and sisters, I have kept the Faith it would work out alright and when I got this blog tonight I could do nothing but thank God.

I am so very proud of you, my son. You are a very smart young man. I will always be here for you the best I can for being here. Now I want you to know I have to watch what I say on this website as it is read by the whole world, I do not have access to a computer. This is a program set up by a deal called Between the Bars. I signed up, placed my ad on there with a little bio. You have been the only hit I got so far. I must say made my whole day. Thank you, Son.... I love you, son. Dang it. I would give anything to hug you.

I am so very proud of you for not only the thing you are doing in school but in life. You have made a great choice in letting Christ guide your actions and heart. With him all things are possible. The blind can see, lame walk, the locked up can be set free. Yes, son, I have faith I will get out one day and be in your life again. Don't you? We know God can do it. Is he not great? God is Love... Look, I know things will be alright, u got to please not go into too much detail on this website about things you are mad about. If you need to tell me about that, can you please write me a letter and shoot it in the mail? Whatever you say here can one day affect my parole or other things as they can read it also. Be careful. If you choose to write me here you can: Guy Graves 1653242, 2101 fm, 369 North Iowa Park 76367. Of course I am not rushing you to do anything, just what you feel you want to do. I will be pleased and here for you either way. It is up to you. Smile... I am changing things in my life daily. I have to trust God and know all will happen in his time, not my own. I do want you to know I want to be in your life today and every day from here out. Please know I will be the best dad I can be. I am here for you whenever you got anything to talk about. If I can help, I will. I love you. Of course you can still hit me up this way and I will get them. Just know that it takes a few weeks sometimes for them to get them to me, so be understanding... I will always answer no matter what. OK... Now let me know how everything is going for you. I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving. It will be Xmas soon. I know you can't wait to be out of school. I love you and thank you for reaching out to me and for forgiving me, son. You're a big young man for that. Son, please stay in the Word of God, it can always give you strength and understanding. Inside there is all the answers to everything in life you may face. When we give our life to Christ, we are new creatures and old things are put behind us. That is how I live today. I am putting one foot in front of the other and marching to one day be outside these walls. I am able to be a better example to you today and will be.

Let us rejoice that God has placed you with a way to get with me. God is great. Today, tomorrow and forever. Please get with me asap. I will place another blog soon, son. Until then have a great time at school and strive to do your best in all things. I am there in spirit always. Love Dad.


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