July 3, 2011

I Need a Girl

by Leonard Jackson (author's profile)


I Need a Girl
Written by Leonard Jackson
AKA Sporty Red

I need a girl, a girl that can rock my world
Slam dunk my heart like Earl the Pearl
Make me feel like a man supposed to feel
I need a girl and her love's got to be real

Verse 1:
Peace boo, you been doing me wrong during this bid
My peeps done wrote me and told me the shit that you did
About sport coat and how he got your ass locked down
Driving my car around and packing my four pound
What are you, stupid? Don't you know I can get that ass seen
But I'm going to raise and bring it to your ass nigh-mean
'Cause if it wasn't for me, you'd be on welfare
Looking fucked up with them streaks in your hair
But I saved your ass. Took you in like a stray dog
Refined your ways and stopped you from eating that hog
And now you're playing me like I ain't never coming
Your ass is out, lucky I don't fly that dome
But I don't hit girls so pack your shit and go live with him
And his mammy, and now you can go shop at VIM
Because your Macy's days is over, you thought shit was sweet
But I'll be home in two weeks back on the streets
Looking for a new girl

Verse 2:
Damn, baby girl, you so fly where your wings at
Make a blind man see 'cause that ass is fat
I ain't lying, hourglass ain't got shit on you
Now what's your measurements, 36-24-32
Brown sugar ice cream sweet potato pie
You caught my eye the first time I seen those thighs
I won't lie and I'll be the first to admit it
But I wants to get to know you before I ask to hit it
Backseats of jeeps, even hotel suites
I got the treats to make the earth shake under your feets
Where your man, do you love him 'cause I can't tell
I'll put you on shorty, keep your pockets deep like a well
Make you famous, long trips, nails with diamond chips
Meet sips, crackers with the cavier dips
Oceanliner cruise busting down Cuban cigars
Matching cars, staying up late watching the stars
So what's up, boo, you and me can start a family
From the projects to cashier checks, fucking with Free

Verse 3:
Sexy momma, up in night clubs, you turn heads
DK wrapped up hair tight with highlights of red
Your aura growing, sparkling like Jewels from Tiff
You don't drink neither. How about we go and smoke this spliff
You got me twisted, trying to maintain my 6
I'm matching jig ROC jeansuit with new kicks
Roly dipped in water then froze
CK for your nose
On top of the world money clip holding down my bankroll
Jingling Lex keys, do you want to ride in my car
Show you my universe, maybe you can born me a star
In do time though let's conversate for a bit
I hope your neuroreceptors pick up my transmit
A college senior, mastering in criminal law
Well, I'm a thief, you can help me if I fail on this score
Let's take it slow though, we ain't got rush this thing here
I want to understand you then slide off your underwear


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