Jan. 31, 2015

Mr. 2014

by Leonard Jackson (author's profile)


"My 2014"

Last year was a rollercoaster of emotions for me.

I began the year by filing papers into court that got me a hearing on the legality of my incarceration, in which the Commonwealth already admitted to the violation of jurisdiction.

So I was getting ready to re-enter society.

Well the wheels of Justice comes to a screeching halt when they are in the wrong because I still haven't had my day in court. In fact the Commonwealth hasn't even filed an opposition to my papers, which is a consent to the granting of my motion of discharge. But I'm still here and they wonder why Black people in this country is up in arms. There is no justice for Black people in the United States point blank.

Next I tried to reach out to my daughter this year after I finally found her on Facebook and she replied to my friend request by stating that I'm not her father nor will I ever be.

Now if I was a deadbeat dad I would accept that and keep it moving.

But I'm a good person and although I may have given her mother hell. I never abused her physically or with words I even helped her with her other 2 children. I also tried to get visitation rights through the courts and was denied, so you can just imagine how that made me feel, hearing those words.

Now I have, and continue to be, a benefit to those around me, and not to have my own child to benefit from my presence is disheartening. I have developed programs that re-educate people and allow for psychological and emotional maturity. So that they may re-enter society successfully. And I do it out of love because I don't get credit, good time, or payment for my services.

So now that we are in 2015 I'm hoping that a lawyer takes my case pro bono or that I got an Angel to give me $15,000 so that I can retain counsel and get out on what I have in court already.

I want to say one more thing before closing this letter, or should I say post.

When I get out, and I will get out, all of you individuals that did not support, contact or even wish me well. Don't think that I am being unforgiving; I just know that I have to surround myself with people that are more caring towards others and their situations. So when I just say Hi and keep it moving, don't think I changed. I am not putting up with low standards anymore.

So I wish you all well. Have a great 2015 because this is my year.

Peace & Blessings
Leonard Jermaine Jackson "Freedom"

P.S. To my daughter if you ever come across these words, ask your mother where would she be in life if I had not been a part of it.

And yes Nikeya "Keya" Almeida you are my daughter and you should be proud of that fact.


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