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ruffruff4 Posted 9 years, 10 months ago.   Favorite
What happens in China is important. But yes, in Amerika we do like to point to autocracies elsewhere, somehow it makes us happy - as if injustice in other places absolves us of injustice in our own homes and cities.

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ruffruff4 Posted 9 years, 10 months ago.   Favorite
Thank you. I appreciate this post very much.

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bozzi3 Posted 9 years, 10 months ago.   Favorite
I feel honored I know the intimate stories between you and Brian. As a matter of fact I may still have the letter with shmut on it :)

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sherese Posted 9 years, 10 months ago.   Favorite
From what you've written, sounds to me like you were done wrong from the beginning. Your attorney sounded terrible. And things didn't get any better once you got to prison. Don't get discouraged, you'll be out soon.

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AuntieC Posted 9 years, 10 months ago.   Favorite
It is great to see your writings and drawings - although I wish it was on a different forum (freedom). Love the way your mind works & the way you express yourself.....Must be a "Crowell" trait. Started a letter to you weeks ago ( which is pretty much the 2nd letter we have sent in 20 years - with the first being your first.) Hope to finish it soon......
Love you & think of you daily.... LeAnne (yes your blog name is not what you intended - but it works either way)

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carol Posted 9 years, 10 months ago.   Favorite
Hello Daniel,

Another great blog!

I have to agree with you; once you realize that it's not material things that make you happy, it's "your purpose" in life then it becomes more effortless and meaningful !

It's obvious from your writings that you've found yours! It can only bring you, and others, happiness so "never" give up hope. Don't let anyone take that away from you! You have a goal and a dream.....go for it!

This is a wonderful program, not only for prisons, but for everyone!

The real challenge is to get the negative people to realize their purpose so they can enjoy life and not feel cheated.

I had a job when I was fairly young that I thought was meaningless. I was sitting in a front office by myself waiting for the telephone to ring or for someone to walk in the door. As most young people might was boring! One day, I asked my boss if I could go home because there was nothing to do. She laid it on the line for me! First, she said absolutely not! She told me that I might not think my job was important, but she and the rest of the staff did because they didn't have to get interrupted by telephone calls and attending to visitors, therefore, they could get their jobs done. That's when it all made sense to me. No one job is less, or more, important than the other.......they all have their importance and purpose. Therefore, I look at everything in a whole different light no matter how small, or insignificant it may seem to others. Everything, and everybody, has a purpose........we just need to recognize it for what it is!!

This is what I'm hearing from your blog, or have I mis-understood your point?

I'll be waiting to hear how the plays went! They sound like a good time for all.

Good luck with your prospectus for "LifeQuest"!


jamesmiller Posted 9 years, 10 months ago.   Favorite
congradulations on the blog entitled, MOTIVATED BY LOVE. even Jesus himself stated that the two greatest commandments are to love god with all your heart soul and mind, and to love your neighbor as yourself. you know, they may have you wearing a monitor when you get out, but thats ok because right now you already have a monitor called the Holy Spirit. i love you frances and i wish you a good day today, a better day tomorrow, and a more prosperouse and productive year to come. thanks for sharing your blogs. james miller

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jamesmiller Posted 9 years, 10 months ago.   Favorite
frances, i love your writings almost sa much as i love you. i hope you continue to encourage me and others with your talents and wisdom. though i have a very humble spirti, i am very proud to be your husband. i love you more than it seems possible.......with love , james

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regell Posted 9 years, 10 months ago.   Favorite
You did it!! I am sooo proud of you.. Keep doing what you doing to stay focus on the positive side... Although, I may seem a little distant at times, but please always know you will always be KING at the end of the day. God is going to take care of us one way or another for you to come home and be with me and the kids for a lifetime of happiness... What everybody thinks or say well you already know how I feel *they can go kick rock* only God can judge us nobody else.... I love You and Miss you Deeply..

Yours Always,


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ladyd Posted 9 years, 10 months ago.   Favorite
I luv those poems dad, the one u dedicated to cc and your great granddaughter...

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