July 6, 2011

Free Them

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...June 19, 2011...

BTB Universe,
Hello, and before I forget, Happy Father's Day! And if you're from the state of Texas, Happy Juneteenth! It's a holiday that's celebrated because it was the day slavery was terminated in this state, which happened to be the last state to end slavery. Anyways, I know that this'll be late, but do forgive me.

I just got out of the shower and cut my hair. Now I'm ready for the meal. I was told that it was fairly big. As you can tell, I ❤ 2 eat! I don't gain too much weight (175 to 177 lbs.) at most. I work out a lot, I'm very athletic, so I guess that's it. If you're reading this blog, I'd like to hear from you guys. Let me in on what kind of gifts you received and send pics if you got them.

Some guys and women don't realize how big of a blessing it is to have kids and to be a parent. Losing my son and daughter made me hate Father's Day until I read the story of JOB myself. Then I found out that I have other children. He tests your faith in his works, to give back more than he gave to you from the start. If you are a true believer in what transpired at the cross, and I am!

I'll be posting more later this week. Take care, and God bless!

Your friend,


Free Them
Constant words of wisdom from a wise man
That the ignorant can grasp but refuse to
A plan to overcome and break free
Separating all that we are from disparity
Surviving destitution, prostitution, and evolutionary thoughts
Queens being raped in fields and kings being traded or bought
Sometimes by our own peers, yeah! Yours and mine
Ancestral ties still hold us prisoners of greed. And why?
Man, that's cold. How 400+ years can handcuff a soul.
See, we all were given a key at birth and I choose to use mine now!
I've fallen a few times, but never too far out of line. Wow!
Given names and numbers, they think they really know you
2D slices of a loaf, settling for crumbs, dumb donkey exposure
Equality, one word, my definition for closure!

*To get more of my poems, go online to the Liberty of Poetry in Owings Mills, Maryland and request the book "Journey Into Infinity" published in 1999. If you are lucky enough to get a copy, send me one because I never got to see it.


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