March 12, 2013

What Is Knowledge In Life

by Oscar Vielma (author's profile)


What Is Knowledge In Life

Greetings... once again I extend my love and respects to everyone in life - peep game - I was having a talk with my cousin and the topic was what is knowledge in life? (BUT IN YOUR OWN LIFE). You see knowledge is an aspect in life that we use daily - it is also the most important essential that helps us weigh out our decisions from right from wrong or good from evil - knowledge is the concept we believe is what is the best understanding and definition for ourselves - it is helping us know the greatest outcome of what we seek to understand - but my theory is what is the actual understanding of knowledge. Is it understanding and acknowledging the true balance of negative and positive concepts of life - one needs to be open minded in everything they observe and not be quick to pass judgement on anything or anyone in life. It is a form of listening to other people's opinions and listening to their point of view... as I have stated one needs to be open in life and take the time to digest what is being said - knowledge is very powerful when it is used in the right form or when you are using it to communicate with other people - it's a basic tool that I desire to master and always respect - it's funny how one can say I know it but yet one does not have a clue what it actually means - for one to understand the true concept of knowledge one needs to believe what it actually is and you take the time to define it in sections - do the footwork and listen to what it means. Do your best to grasp it and how it applies to your life - learn how to cherish what is created and made to understand. Define the path of what is being said and take the time to respect the beliefs that you hold in your heart and soul. Be humble in all your decisions and choices in your path and lifetime - just be careful in everything you do and do not rush in everything or anything you do. Take your time and always observe the best aspect of knowledge and what is the best outcome for you - trust me, it took me years to truly understand this topic in my life - but I continue to move forward in my life and I enjoy it to the best of my ability - but keep in mind we all make mistakes and we get up and continue to move forward - we learn from them and smile - never allow yourself fall and stay down.

Remember, this is my point of view and what I think, after all, "IT'S JUST A THOUGHT".


Peace out!


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