July 9, 2012

Don't Be a Chameleon

by Oscar Vielma (author's profile)


[Three drawings of stylistic skulls with eyes are spread throughout the letter.]


Don't Be A Chameleon

A chameleon is a person with a million forms of disguises as a human being. It's a form of hiding and discriminating within life's limits. Upon the million masks that one wears, it becomes a negative and criminal addiction of secrets in your own closets. It's a form of keeping dark secrets to yourself or to your own grave. Either way, one will always find out and let it be known.

To be honest, I used to be a super chameleon until reality slapped me in my own face. As I took inventory of my life, I came to realize I had a serious addiction to wearing these chameleon masks throughout my life. In everything I did in the past, I had a lot of them within my reach. I had a chameleon addiction to everything I did in life or whom I talked to. I had a mask from hiding to robberies, doing dope, drinking, talking, kicking back, committing crimes, hurting people, being around family and kids. And yet I continue to take my chameleon masks and conduct apart.

Nobody in this world is perfect, but I'm always quick to admit my faults and my bads. It's hard to accept the truth and be honest with yourself and others, but I've learned to change my chameleon for the betterment of myself. Now I'm a different person. I'm outspoken and very upfront. I'm not scared to speak and I tell it as it is. Trust me on this, keep it real and always be yourself and nothing more.

But keep in mind that as one bears the truth and realizes that the struggles in life are a must, one does not need to be a chameleon towards no one. Just have a solid heart. Don't be ashamed to get hurt or be discouraged. It's a part of life that we all will face. But don't hide behind a face. Be comfortable with who you truly are and always smile, no matter what. But never hide another dark secret in your closet. 'Cause sooner or later, your masks and your chameleon will be exposed! Just think about it and make your own changes in life. 'Cause after all, this is only my viewpoint and just another thought.

Stay safe. Be cool and always smile. Life is too precious to waste. Out of ink.
Solid as Osoak.V.


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chiquis12 Posted 9 years, 3 months ago. ✓ Mailed 9 years, 3 months ago   Favorite
Well 1st of all let me start by sayn hello n hope u r well. Just wnted to say that its part of life to live n learn. Nobodys prfct n as long as we learn frm our mstakes thn dars a good thng!!! Its nice 2 hear yuve chngd n f im not wrng used 2 liv n modesto n hve a sistr martha right? Well hpefilly iz i n f so hope to hear frim i soon...take care n God bless

Oscar Vielma Posted 9 years, 2 months ago.   Favorite
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