March 21, 2013

The System

by Donald R. Debose (author's profile)



If there has ever been a maxim that has been erroneously articulated it has to be the one about how "you're innocent until proven guilty." Granted, in the upper echelon of the judicial system, such a maxim 'may' indeed hold true. But for those who happen to find themselves positioned at the low end of the economic ladder the telling words of the late Johnnie B. Cochran, "I hate to tell you this, but the colour of justice is green," ring true. Prisoners from all walks of life have fallen victim to a corrupt system that begins with the planting of false evidence by the police and leads up to the District Attorney's withholding of exculpatory evidence. The truth becomes just some amorphous and fleeting concept. Justice like art is in the eye of the teller seems to be how justice works for us without the green. And even in the face of later confession by the actual perpetrator the wrongly convicted is never rightfully declared to be "innocent." Fault can never be placed at the door of the justice system for the faults must be in the one wrongly convicted.

But lest I give the impression that all District Attorneys will ignore all evidence that doesn't jibe well with their desire to gain convictions, Defence Attorneys must not be left off the hook. Perhaps the enormous case-loads that these Defence Attorneys are encumbered with contributed to their unwillingness to provide each "non-paying defendant" with a vigorous defence? However, it's a legitimate questions to ask "when a Defence Attorney works in the same building as the District Attorney, has the same employer sign their pay checks as the District Attorney and no doubt befriends District Attorneys just how far over backward can the Defence Attorney really be asked to bend for these nameless faces?

Moreover to the specific issue of a defendant having their case presented to "a jury of their peers." The Founding Fathers were indeed onto something with their forward-leaning Constitutional guarantees. However when jurors are selected from the voter roles outside of the defendant's community, can the young twenty-plus year-old adult honestly hold their breath awaiting to have "their" peers impanelled? How can middle-aged retired police officers, marines, and public accountants be considered with a straight face peers with someone not even capable of purchasing alcohol legally? Mr. Chochren you let the cat out of the bag.


Hired in a deluge of stereotypes that run the gamut from inherent criminals to welfare cheats, African descendants can spend a lifetime battling against long odds. Notwithstanding the fact that there are those African-Americans opting for the private education over public is never addressed. Fact is though the work done by the bulk of public school teachers is commendable that that these urban schools are so horribly under-financed that the turning out under-prepared youth is inevitable. Or perhaps, there's some direct link between lower-class families receiving a low-class education? Would a problem this blatant, this vast, this prevalent, and existing for this long be tolerated in any other community?

The functional racism of the Federal government is so subtly entrenched that though other ethnic groups recognise the lop-sided doling out of funds to urban school districts this built-in scapegoating is tolerated. For centuries African-Americans have been fighting a long psychological and political war right here in America. At an alarming rate new government budgets drastically slashing funding for school terminating after-school programs (music classes, etc.) Medicate are reported. Never do we hear at least. I have yet to hear of any decreases in funds flowing toward the military. To be certain a potential terrorist threat is legitimate. However, whatever happened to "we are the people?" How about equally distributing these cuts? I happen to be of the belief that these actions by the Federal government are no accident. For the poorly educated mind can pose no significant threat to the status quo.

It is really immaterial whether we opt to stand atop a soap-box and admit to it or not. Fact is that the Department of Education has been asleep at the wheel for quite sometimes and the problem is increasingly growing worse. Even today, though I'm nearly a decade removed from my graduation class, I still find myself learning new things that I ought to have been taught, or at least heard in one school that I attended. Sure my attendance record at school may have been shady, but very few of the students who attended school on a regular basis can speak extensively on some of our brightest stars in the African-American community. And even those stars that are taught to us, they're delivered so half-baked that after linking Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to the carefully selected one line from his great "I Have A Dream" speech, Rosa Parks to "refusing to give up her seat" and Jessie Owens to the (1936 Berlin Olympics) "gold medals" we are at a loss to speak to anything more specific about them. Textbooks have glibly reduced the struggles of African-Americans to a one-line blurb. Leaving people to ask, "Gee whiz, if racism is this huge problem, then why haven't your people 'ever' taken steps to eradicate it?"

To the day of my writing this piece, I have yet to meet anyone that has a memory of the legendary Marcus Mosiah Garvey and his U.N.I.A. (Universal Negro Improvement Association). Here is a man who under any other circumstances would be celebrated for circulating a petition criticising the government (USA) for violating the human rights of African-Americans. The historical side-lining of the genius of Paul Robeson is all the more striking. Here is a man who with another hidden gem, William L. Patterson internationalised the African-American plight by filing a two-hundred and forty page petition charging a government (USA) with genocide. Instead we, if lucky, will only hear Mr. Robeson dismissingly summed up as a "Red (Communist) sympathiser."

The number of African-Americans who have fought against the un-American treacheries of the Federal government are astronomical. Yet, textbooks continue to perpetuate an unreal image of an America where "it's not the colour of a person's skin that determines their station in life." Heed the advice of Booker T. Washington (another star summed up in/by a single sentence) groom yourself, educate yourself properly =, and you too can pull yourself up by your boot-straps and make it in America.


Today, as for many years, the United States government is the biggest operating Mafia there is. If you find this hard to believe then take a real close look at the secret agencies in place and its main headquarters. The Pentagon. Now ask yourself, "what do we really know about these organisations?" Allow me to answer. Nothing! We come to believe that the President makes all of the decisions but he only has "some" say. The reality of the matter is that he has orders that he must follow. And if he refuses to comply with these individual demands there are ways of dealing with rebelliousness. If you take a close look at the John F. Kennedy they'll tell you that he was "shot from behind." If so, then how did his brain end up on the trunk with his head snapping backward upon impact? He was shot by the people he trusted to protect him.

The United States government agent is to divide, conquer and destroy all those that stand against the plans of a New World Order. They strategise on different methods to overthrow other third world governments and place their puppets into office solely to be used.

Currently the United States has invaded Iraq because supposedly "they pose a threat to the United States" and "they had weapons of mass destruction." The lie came directly from George W. Bush when he addressed the Nation (2003/February). He had plans on going to war as stated in his presidential election speech for the attempted assassination of George Bush Sr. Once taking the position of President, 9/11 took place which the CIA had previous knowledge of the attack. With bigger plans on the government agenda they allowed thousands of peoples' lives to be taken just so George W. Bush could be given the authority to invade Iraq without the UN's approval. Although UN inspector reported that "Iraq possessed no weapons of mass destruction" George Bush insisted that "there was more than what the Iraqi government was admitting." Now once inside of Iraq the first thing that the United States' government instructed soldiers to do was "to protect the oil wells before the people." To this day, the United States military has yet to find any weapons of mass destruction and could care less about them because it was all a smoke screen to win over the American people and other countries.

People today fail to realise that United States government is the one that supplied the Iraqi government with biological weapons when they were at war with Iraq. United States once supported Iraq until the fall our over the price raise of oil. We know oil is considered "liquid gold" and this government believes that whomever controls the oil supply is one step ahead in world domination.

Through my studies I've learned that the United States government tactics of bullying other countries has been going on for many years. In 1953 in the overthrow of the government Mohammed Mossadey (Premier of Iran) was simply for Iran's oil. And Mossadey's first measure of taken was the nationalisation of oil refineries owned by Great Britain (United States partner in crime). Though the decision led Iran to the brink of economic disaster, the loss of oil revenue threatened the British economy. Great Britain turned to the US government for assistance. The two government plotted and waited until Mossadey became virtually bedridden before they ousted him.

When other countries posed a threat of doing their way and didn't include the United States in their plans, "accidents" occur. This government uses many tactics of thrashing these other governments and one tactic begins with the media (moreover and most disturbing, the intelligence community conducted a media manipulation program wherein some print, radio, and television reported were fed distorted, inaccurate and sometimes wholly fabricated "information" for the sole purpose of destroying targeted governments). These individuals know first hand: Jacob Arbenz Guzman, President of Guatemala, who seized 400,000 acres of land; Jose Antonio Remon, President of Panama, and Patricia Lumumba, President of Congo. The United States wants us to believe that these individuals basically ran across some bad luck between 1949 and today. The truth of the matter is that these people were murdered in cold blood by gangsters known as the United States government. In the same breath we're told it's wrong to kill and bare arms without a permit which for one, is a clear violation of the Constitution. Secondly, it's a right to protect yourself and your family in and outside of your home, instead of being the victim.

Basically we must understand that these politicians will sell us a dream and deliver a speech out of this world for your vote.

The sad part is they'll sell out their mothers and sell their soul to the devil for a spot in the White House to carry out the governing plans of the secret society. In fairness, what makes you think these politicians care about the common people and the chance for equal opportunities? They don't care and we can't blame anyone but ourselves because we place them into office. Today, Medicare, education, and social security has taken a major cut-back in funding, yet the government has spent billions of dollars for an unnecessary war. The people need to wake up and push forward in making change.


One cannot truly understand life if he/she lacks direct knowledge of people who are unhappy and suffering. My own sufferings have enabled me to understand the suffering of people and their [?] no man without suffering can understand them.

A time of great testing comes in every life. When placed in severe circumstances people easily tend to give up, convinced that the situation is hopeless before even considering what concrete actions they could take. In their hearts/minds, one has already conceded defeat, without putting up a fight. This way of thinking is the cause of all failure. Also this is what you call a defeatist attitude, which leads to self-destruction. In spite of my situation I'll always remain hopeful and confident. Even if I am in prison, my mind and spirit are not. That's the two things they'll never imprison. Believe it or not, just as we speak, there are people in society who are in prison; their own prison is a prison of their own making. Our mind can either cripple us or energise us; regardless of where we are at, whether it's society or prison.

Accepting and conquering the challenges that have crossed my path along this journey have made me a better man. To have hope is to have life. Once I grasped that concept my eyes began to open up. Today I know only one who knows when my journey here on Earth shall come to an end. Until that time I will continue my fight for what's right and stand tall/strong amongst the struggle we live/face while finding myself I have been awakened and now I would like to awaken others, so they no longer have to walk in complete darkness, sleep with the enemy, or be ashamed of who they are and where they came from.

Understanding self has enabled me to love myself and other unconditionally and smile because I've found peace within. No matter how bad the storm has been for me, I have always walked proudly with my head to the sky, knowing there will be better days. Though sometimes I sit in a prison hoping to be awakened from this nightmare, it will never be my excuse for not continuously seeking knowledge, truth, answers, and digging further within myself for even more answers.

I've come to understand that we have no control over when we are born and when death comes knocking. But we do control everything in-between, meaning the choices in life we take. As many of us have learned not everything will go as smoothly in daily life as most would wish. You are a loser if you are defeated by your adversaries. No matter how tough your situation may be, it's important to keep advancing with a clear determination. I've learned that no matter what your problems may be, you will definitely overcome them and open up a way to greater inner happiness as long as you continue to be patients and make wholehearted efforts.

While going through a self-transformation process I was forced to face my inner-self. During this phase I literally broke down in tears. All along I have been running from myself, never realising that while this fight with myself was occurring other people were being hurt (family, friends, and companions). Once the way of life opened itself up to me all of the answers that I sought begin to be revealed.

We as human beings are so quick to believe in idols; someone else or some other existence. Yet we can't, won't, believe in ourselves. It is simply because we don't love ourselves. We have to understand what love is... Otherwise we will constantly set limitations and second guess our inner strength/capabilities. Instead of actually knowing. When we begin to believe in ourselves we become receptive towards the positive things in life and reject all the negative things we face. This creates inner-peace and the beauty of loving yourself which the one will realise we are capable of accomplishing the unimaginable when we understand the mind, body, and soul are wrapped into one that creates our temple for nourishment, life changes.

We are all born into this world with certain abilities and various needs. The challenges of life for us to discover those abilities and to use them while fulfilling our needs. Each person must do this within the realm of a completely unique set of circumstances. Our abilities are as many and varied as there are people. But we will find that our needs are common to all. The need that offers the greatest potential of pain, the need to share our life with someone. I don't wish to be everything to everyone but I would like to be something to someone. Not everyone knows how to give, but then, not everyone knows how to receive. It's so easy to think about love. But it's not always easy to recognise love, even when we hold it in our hands. We should not expect more from others than we are willing to give to ourselves which is why true love tends to pass us by.

Some people may I deserve to be executed without the nature of my case and how I was falsely accused. There was foul play... But I understand that death isn't the end; everything rotates around death which makes it most mysterious that excites life. Everyday someone leaves thus world going to a better place and when I accepted life I accepted its running mate death. So my situation isn't a punishment (sentencing to death) but a time for reflection upon finding myself and my purpose with a sense of peace knowing my work here is just about done.

I am a collection of characteristic both physical and mental that make me completely unique. No-one else anywhere is exactly like me and had I realised that not everyone who crosses my path will be interested in what I have to offer. Maybe I wouldn't have tried so hard to please everyone/others that weren't worth my time or energy.

What I am trying to say is, go placidly amid the noise and hate remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all. Speak your mind/truth quietly and clearly while listening to others, even the dull and ignorant, they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive people, because they are vexations to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser individuals than yourself. Always exercise caution in your life for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is, being many individual strive high for ideas and everywhere life is full of heroism. Nurture strength or spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune, but do not distress with imaginings.

Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the stars. Whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore, be at one with Orumila (God) whatever you conceive Him to be, and whatever your labours and aspiration in the noisy confusion of life keep peace within your soul. With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams it is still a beautiful world. Live life to its fullest and strive to be happy. It took me many years to understand this concept.

My weapon shall remain my mind, to deliver the truth and chosen thoughts, in hope that my fellow sister and brothers of every race will grasp an understanding that life has no limits. Know that you can know someone better in a place of honesty than ever you can in a life of lies. When you're true to yourself/others you become that hawk with the sharp vision within yourself, seeking more prey, called "answers."


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