Aug. 2, 2013

The Rejuvenating Strength of Consciousness

by Donald R. Debose (author's profile)


The Rejuvenative Strength of Consciousness

Understand one thing, the mind sometimes has those getting over depression to fall back into depression. We begin to feel lousy which we find ourselves being pulled into the blackhole, without a way out. In fact the more we struggle the deeper we isnd. Thought it's easy to blame ourselves for feeling lousy from the start, but what is really at work is a certain pattern, mode of mind, that is triggered so automatically by unpleasant emotion that we hardly notice or know what is actually happening.

To see these mental mechanisms for what they are, we have to explore emotion and how we react to it. This exploration will reveal exactly how the struggle itself pulls us down -- and how unjust it is to blame ourselves. Even more important, understand that it is a certain mode of mind that gets us stuck, opens the door to an alternative way of dealing with emotion, making a radical shift to a different mode of mind. Within that very shift, practiced over and over again in key moments, lies the possibility of transforming our relationship with depression and freeing ourselves from its clench/hold.

We will cover next time, "The Role of Emotion". Know that we are on the path of working through our depression and understanding it. Until next tiem, take care of yourself.


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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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