July 11, 2011

Mixed Messages (continued)

by James Collins (author's profile)


Love is like crab meat—
It is always fresh and tender

Inspire to gentle kindness

Glamorous behavior is
an inside job

If someone feeds you crap
turn it into a sewage plant
and become rich

Positioning in life does
not secure happiness


Common Decency

Mixed messages continue to circulate by the California Department of Corrections and Legislation of what is considered lewd behavior. Let's first look at both places free society and indecent. For instance, people cannot walk around nude in public beaches, malls, or breast fed where there is a public gathering. There is consequence for such behaviors that is considered perverted. Let's consider what is public in the dictionary. I exposed to general view (open) a group of people having common interest of characteristics.

Now let's look at some double standard talking which teaches prisoners lewd behaviors. In prison, prisoners (male) are forced to use toilets, showers, and dress unnecessarily in the open. This is especially true in open dormitory and older persons like Vacaville, Soledad, Folsom, and San Quentin. Women (peace officers) are not assigned to any certain area of prison. Instead they bid on the position that they want to work. Seniority is given priority in the available positions. Women guards are assigned to posts when naked prisoners are present. The California Department of Corrections has established guidelines in male nudity—which they do not follow even one percent of the time. Nude sightings of male inmates by females is supposed to be infrequent or inadvertent sightings. This is not true at all.

For instance, women are assigned to housing units five days a week with eight-hour shifts, where men are forced to be exposed in the nude while showering or using a toilet. It is obvious that these female officers entertain the idea that it's okay to see naked men. In their minds, they say prisoners gave up their right to privacy when they were committed to prison.

I did a verbal survey with female guards at old Folsom in Sacramento. I asked each of them a question of how they could work under such conditions of seeing naked men all day long. Here's the typical answer they all gave. I have brothers and seen just about everything—and I was bothered a little when I first started working in prison. It's not every day one gets to see naked men. But over a period of time, one gets used to it.

Now ask yourself: what type of female could work under such perverted conditions and why have they not filed petitions to have some type of barriers erected. So they would not be bombarded with destructive behaviors that society as a whole finds lewd. Dress code should be the same, no matter where one is at. And females should not have to work in such conditions.

In female prisons, male prison guards are not allowed in where women shower within their housing facility. It avoids the female prisoner embarrassment if she's using the toilet.

No men gets raped in the showers. That's Hollywood material. If rape occurs, they happen within a cell setting.

For years, CDC has continued to wave its banners of the outdated logic it uses to control prison functions. One in particular is that it poses a threat to safety and security of the institution. This phrase they use on everything without showing proof of how a subject poses a threat. It is past time for legislation to make sure these guys to obey rules and regulations, or erect modesty curtain, or waist high screens in all shower areas.

One thing I'm sure on is this: if CDC officers opened their front door of their house, and saw a naked man on their lawn showering with their water hose—they'd immediately call 911 to have him arrested for lewd behavior. Why? Because to the average person, such behavior is abnormal.


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