July 21, 2011

Ajusting To Prison Life

From The Untold Story's of Prison Life!, And Beyond, Life Goes On! by Mark Garcia (author's profile)



I have not blogged in a few weeks. As you may already know, I am in prison at a level VI prison in California. It's take one day at a time. Life goes on here in prison, and out in the free world, I still can't imagine living the rest of my life behind bars.

It's going on four months now, and with that I start to meet different people. I stay to myself most of the time because I am not from no gang or crowd! Prison is no fun and always got to be on yard. There are fights and people who like to make problems!

Being at a level VI prison, we get out of our cell once a day for three hours. One day is for day room, and the other day is for yard. There are not a lot of jobs on this yard. The kitchen, school classroom, yard crew, dorm, dayroom porter, and a few other jobs that are out and off the yard.

We walk to breakfast and after get a lunch. At 6:30 we go to dinner and are locked up for the rest of the night. So, you can say we are locked up for 20 hours a day.




It's been a few weeks since my last blog post. There has been so much going on in the world. The revolutions going on in Egypt, Syria, Yemen, and others trying to rid their dictator. The nuclear meltdown in Japan was no help to the world's need for stability. The storms and tornadoes in the USA, along with economy suddering along adds to the world's face.

With Greece and Spain about to spin out of control in debt and even higher unemployment can turn the EU out of control!?

In this time and age where the US and EU are spending 100s of billions each and every month are hard to fathom. So, this new globalization is the future of the world? And is every major country ready and willing to work together?



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