May 30, 2013

Michael's Mind

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Michael's Mind

Peace to my readers. I come today with humility and optimism. I have been incarcerated for 24 years and 8 months (as of May 2013). I am scheduled to appear before the board of Parole hearings this Nov. I've recently been told I may appear a month earlier. Nevertheless, I am a little apprehensive, however, I'm cautiously optimistic that I will be found suitable and recieve a release date. This just may be my last year in prison. God willing.

This means I may finally be able to put into motion the dreams and ideas I have. Prison is a THINK TANK and UNIVERSITY. Once can become worse or better. I chose to be better. I have plans to make life better for myself, my family, my community, my living victims, and society as a whole.

I have still, some things I need to learn. Things I need to ensure my goals come to fruition. So, I come to my readers for assistance. I really could use help with obtaining the following information....

BUSINESS IDEA: I have an idea that will change society. I still need to do a little research. My question is, what steps can I take to protect my idea as I attempt to raise money to make it come to life? It's not a product. It is a procedure/policy.

YOU TUBE!: I have ideas for new programming. I have enough programs to fill a channel all day for all week. My question is, how does one make money from YOU TUBE vs T.V.? Advertisement? Subscriptions? Traffic change? Remember, I've been gone 25 yrs.

SOVEREIGNTY: I have been enlightened on National sovereignty and redeeming one's control of self. I would like to know more. Anyone with any information I would appreciate it if you could share with me. Thanks.

REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST: I am thinking about making my company a REIT. My question is this: Are REIT's established differently than LLC's or SPC's? Or are REIT's just another kind of SPC or LLC?

These are questions I need answered. I could wait until I am released to find out. However, I have time now to study. I want to know as much as I can before I get started.

These are questions I have. If you just have information you can send me on any or all of these topics. Feel free to do so. Knowledge is most important.

Thank you for your time. Have a blessed and wonderful day.


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