Oct. 26, 2013


by Gary Field (author's profile)


Gary Field
DC# M05398
Century C.I.
Century, FL 32535


Every man on this compound
Would love to be in your position
To have this opportunity,
Just to be here in "transition".

Some of you were "short timers" -
Some have done a long, hard bid.
The point is, in the eyes of man,
You've now paid for what you did.

Some of you will have probation,
Some of you may have parole -
Some kind of limitation,
Perhaps "community control".

I'm standing here before you,
Not as some "officer of the law"
But as a child of God, and a brother -
So I'm gonna give it to you raw.

Truth is - the cards have stacked against you,
Many are expecting you to fail.
If you take a quick look around,
Half of you will soon be back in jail.

Those are the statistics - an ugly fact.
It seems like there's a revolving door
That just keeps swinging -
Swinging and bringing you back.

But now - let me give you some good news,
Because I know you're nobody's fools -
If you take transition seriously,
I can provide you with some tools.

I've been doing this for long enough...
To know that what I'm saying is true -
Outside these gates, brother, "life is tough",
But there are things that you can do.

Now I know some of you will be up to old tricks,
You think you've had enough time to plan.
You'll be "peeping game" and "busting licks",
Until you run back into "the man".

But for those of you willing to change,
You can put yourself in a position -
To go out there and make a fresh start,
You can begin right here in transition.

There are agencies out there to help you;
Programs to help get you back on track.
There are also things that you must do,
To help keep you from just "coming back".

I'm not saying it's gonna be easy,
You have many challenges ahead -
But you can stay out of custody,
Break the cycle - and be Spirit led.

Of course my prayers will be with you,
I pray that you'll all be safe.
Remember - God's ready to walk with you,
If you can learn to "walk by faith".

Gary Field

NOTE: 95% of America's 2.4 million prisoners will eventually be released. Over 700,000 attempt to reenter society each year. - Nationally, the "recidivism rate" is about 41%... Tragically, in some communities, it is over 80%!!

In addition to those already serving time IN prison, another 9 to 10 million are cycling through local and county jails. How long until their petty crimes and misdemeanors become felony convictions? Meanwhile, 5 to 6 million more Americans are a "technical violation" away from going back to prison as they attempt to complete the terms of "conditional release" i.e. probation, parole or community control.

What can you do?

See: www.nationalreentryresourcecenter.com

Thank you! :D Gary


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