March 28, 2014

Dear Friends (03/10/14)

by Kedrick Darrough (author's profile)


March 10, 2014

Dear friends,

Hello, this is Mr. Kendrick Trevon Darrough Sr., #137735. It's been awhile since the last time I posted anything on my blog. Sorry for the delay. I had to get a few things in order. I've posted a few updates of what's been going on with me retroactive Act 570. It was shot down during the last legislation session in 2013 and it isn't going back up this session (2014). But hopefully it will next year. My lawyer is working hard to help me and others get out of prison since our sentences are no longer legal.

This letter is from my lawyer Mr. Larry R. Froelich. Should explain everything to you. If there are some of you out there who would like to help with our movement, you may contact Froelich yourselves. I'm sentenced to 90 years under the old law, but the new law gives me a maximum of 30 years. I have done that much time already on a 30 year sentence. We only have to serve seven years, and I've done eight.

I've also posted all of my latest paralegal test scores. I've been doing just fine thus far. If any of you want to contact me, you may do so at the address below. Thank you very much for your time and support.

Kedrick Darrough #137735
PO Box 180
Brickeys, Arkansas 72320-0180

866-345-1884 Darrough #137735


1011 Brookside Road, Suite 300
PO Box 3717
Allentown, PA 18106-3717


February 3, 2014

Student #: 08028028
Kedrick T Darrough Sr #137735
PO Box 180
Brickeys, Arkansas 72320-0180

Dear Kedrick:

The grade(s) indicated below have been entered into your permanent academic record earlier today. Your answer sheet will be retained by Blackstone for 30 days should you have any questions regarding your score. If you are taking an online course, you also have the option of registering in the ONLINE STUDENT CENTER at where you can take your exams online and receive instant grade results.

If you find references listed below, we suggest you go back to these pages and review the material. While you did receive a passing grade, we want to ensure you fully comprehend this subject matter. By reviewing the areas of your lesson indicated below, you can better understand those questions you did not answer correctly. The reference directs you to a page number and section heading where you can find the material needed to review and take your retest successfully.

Please note: Any references below with an answer of "O" are questions you did not apply an answer for or for which you marked multiple answers. Skipped questions adversely affect your exam grade. Please try your hardest to answer every question on future exams and please only mark one answer per question. Thank you!

Exam 0115A
Paralegal Exam #15 100%
No review required. Excellent work!

Exam 0116A 85%
Question # 7: B. Correct answer: D. Reference: p. 75 "Issue on the Merits"
Question # 9: B. Correct answer: C. Reference: p. 78 "Pleas of Nil Debet, Non Est..."
Question # 10: C. Correct answer: A. Reference: p. 75 "Presentation of Dilatory Pleas"

Exam 0117A
Paralegal Exam #15 100%
No review required. Excellent work!

Exam 0118A
Paralegal Exam #15 100%
No review required. Excellent work!

A Direct Learning Systems School
Phone: 610-871-0031 ; 800-826-9228
Fax: 610-871-0034


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