June 10, 2014

Grievence Report

by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)

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Paul Posted 6¬†years, 1¬†month ago. ✓ Mailed 6¬†years, 1¬†month ago   Favorite
Grievance after grievance............about all you can do. That and moan about being locked up for your crimes. All it does is take up staff time and cost a lot of money.

You grieve about equality for all or shut down canteen.......BS. What about all those who cant draw or paint Those with only a few people to help them. You would rather they lost everything just for your selfish desire to con some people out of money for your 'art'. Man up and do your time. All you are doing is alienating staff and other inmates.

Ronald W. Clark, Jr Posted 6¬†years ago.   Favorite
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Paul Posted 6¬†years ago. ✓ Mailed 5¬†years, 11¬†months ago   Favorite
Seems a tad ironic and surreal that you should tell me to man up and do something productive with my life. When have YOU ever done that.

I had a rewarding career putting myself in harms way to defend others. You, on the other hand, had a profligate career as a self indulging drug user, criminal and ultimately ending up on the row for murder. Not much difference between us then!

You are continuously blaming others for your situation and everything that happens. You put yourself where you are and you have created your medical problems by continuing to play basketball etc. when you knew the end result and now you want someone else to pick up the tab. Perhaps you are the one that should 'man up'


kabe63 Posted 6¬†years ago. ✓ Mailed 5¬†years, 11¬†months ago   Favorite
Hi Ronnie,

I send greetings and well wishes to you. I hope you are maintaining the strength to cope with your situation. It must be very difficult. Keep your head up my friend!! The following message is to Paul.


Ronnie is paying for his crimes. I read his blog and do not, nor have I ever seen him blame anyone else for his crimes. In one post he clearly states that it is his fault and he takes full responsibility. Just because he posted a blog about what if he had had a better role model, that does not mean he is shifting the blame. He is writing from his heart and what he writes is the truth. Possibly, things would have been different for him had he had the proper guidance. He is paying for his crimes DEARLY!! It is not too much to ask to be treated like a human being. Would you want to live everyday in pain?? Would you want to have cancer and be denied treatment?? Regarding his playing basketball, I am quite sure that he does not get much outdoor activity and he wants to play and he should be able to play without pain!! Regarding his grievances, he is not harming anyone and he is just asking to be treated like a HUMAN BEING. Search the internet and you will find a massive amount of literature regarding the horrible treatment and abuse of people not only on Death Row, but in prison in general.

You write that you had a rewarding career putting yourself in harms way to defend others, and that is wonderful. I, as a citizen of the U.S., thank you. However, it appears you have some unresolved hostility toward people who have committed crimes. I am sorry for whatever happened to you and I know that crime is horrible thing!! However,possibly, your time may be better spent getting therapy for your hostility, rather than tormenting people on death row. I notice there are others that you are tormenting also. This blog format is here to give guidance and positive feedback to those who are paying for their crimes. I, as a reader of this blog, find it very sad when I see that people post blogs meant to hurt. I am sure Jesus forgives Ronnie as he has confessed to his crimes. Furthermore, it has been many, many years since he committed his crimes and I am rather certain that he is a completely different person now, than the man who committed those crimes. Jesus, forgives us all as long as we repent. I am asking you, to find it in your heart, to please stop tormenting this man and others. Please try to resolve your anger in ways other than posting nasty feedback. I, when I navigate to this blog, like to see the positive things people have to say. If you do not like Ronnie, you have the choice to navigate away. I wonder, why you continue to follow his blog?? If you do not have anything nice to post, please navigate away and leave this man alone!! I hope you are having a great day!!!

Best regards,

kabe63 Posted 5¬†years, 12¬†months ago. ✓ Mailed 5¬†years, 11¬†months ago   Favorite
Hi Ronnie,

I hope this message finds you well. You know, I just looked at the other posts Paul has made, and noticed that he is " hating " on a lot of other people. That whole line he wrote to you about putting himself in harms way to defend others yada, yada, yada, he wrote that whole line word for word exactly like he wrote to you to another person he is tormenting. He is trying to provoke you. Don't feel bad!! If I were you, I would not even answer his comments. It seems he has made a career of tormenting people in prison. Keep your head up!!!


Paul Posted 5¬†years, 12¬†months ago. ✓ Mailed 5¬†years, 11¬†months ago   Favorite
kabe63 Repeating it does not make it any less so. It is a line from my CV. I am simply responding to an accusation of not doing anything productive with my life.

You can't say the Ronnie has confessed to his crimes as he never has or that you are so familiar with them although I am sure that he is pleased that you have forgiven him. The flip side of putting yourself out there is that there will be a response.

I have prison pen pals, which is how I arrived at BTB, and perhaps you missed the positive responses in the blogs. In fact the response before this one contains the following paragraph......name of blogger redacted.

"I look forward to reading more on your experiences. A new post to your blog will be better for you rather than just replying to us. A reply will be tagged onto the end of your last post. Either way it will be good to hear from you.

Stay strong,


You write that "This blog format is here to give guidance and positive feedback to those who are paying for their crimes." The truth is that the majority of bloggers are using BTB to rail against the system. There is little positive to come out of it.

I, too, looked at your other posts and appreciate your struggle. I can see how you would have an affinity with some on BTB. I wish you well in your endeavours.


kabe63 Posted 5¬†years, 12¬†months ago. ✓ Mailed 5¬†years, 11¬†months ago   Favorite

I promised myself that I would not let you provoke me. I must comment on your reply regarding my affinity with some on BTB. I myself have a very rewarding career in Architecture as a Project Manager for a Construction Company, I am College Educated ( Bachelors Degree ) . I accomplished all of this
despite my earlier struggles. It is not that I have an affinity to anyone that I do not know, I am simply a soft hearted compassionate person and I realize that human beings make bad choices and as Ronnie would say, are fallible. Furthermore I am strongly opposed to the Death Penalty. His situation must be very difficult and if I can brighten anyone's day by saying something positive, I believe that is good. I must say, you state that what you wrote is a line from your Curriculum Vitae, here in the states a CV is primarily only used by Doctors and in high academic circles. Since I am sure you are neither, ( it is not redacted it is retracted ) you must be from another country than the U.S.. Therefore, I apologize for writing that as a Citizen of the U.S. I thank you. Although I still do thank you.

My Best,

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