June 22, 2014

Open Letter About My Case

by Bobby Fratta (author's profile)


This is a copy of an open letter I wrote in the 1st half of 2004 about my case:

My name is Bobby Fratta. I was convicted in Harris County Texas for promising to pay someone who promised to pay someone else, who allegedly killed my wife; and subsequently I was sentenced to die.

After receiving my A.A. degree from college, I was employed as a ticket agent for American Airlines for over 5 years, and then as a firefighter/police officer/emergency care attendant for over 10 years. I also volunteered my services as a firefighter and dispatcher for the local Volunteer Fire Department and served as treasurer for my subdivision's Homeowner's Association. I am the proud father of 3 beautiful children, whom I love with all my heart. I coached their soccer teams for 3 years, gave safety lectures to all their classes at school, bought season passes for Astroworld/Waterworld every year and took them regularly, was very involved in all their school and extracurricular activities, and even took great pleasure in cutting their hair myself. Prior to my wife's death, I had never been in trouble with the law. I was a model citizen and good neighbour. I have never intentionally hurt anyone nor committed any acts of violence, yet here I sit on Texas Death Row.

I was totally shocked and hurt when my wife, Farah, suddenly filed for divorce on 2/27/92. When it finally sank in that she was serious about ending our marriage and family unit, I immediately fought for custody of my precious children. The actual trial would not be until December '94. During that almost 3 year interim period our relationship grew extremely bitter. Farah has TRIED to file numerous FALSE criminal and civil charges against me, refused to give me my personal and sentimental belongings, had me burglarized and vandalized, was using out children as pawns to upset me, and even ASSAULTED ME in front of the children, making them cry hysterically and me bleed. Routinely seeing Farah make my children suffer and cry, being separated from them and thrown out of my own home by Farah's deception and parents' wealth and influence, combined with the numerous other stresses Farah was inflicting upon me, had me in a very poor emotional and mental state. I ended up venting my frustrations of wishing Farah would die or be killed to anyone who would listen. (Note: I NEVER made any kind of plans for her to really be killed. I merely vented like many people do going through a bitter divorce. As proof, every person I vented to who the State called to testify against me in my trial never said I ever went so far as to actually make plans.)

I was understandably a suspect when my estranged wife was killed on 11/09/94, and I was immediately taken into custody for questioning the same night. But police accused me of being guilty to the media the next day when they released me, even though I professed my innocence through 15+ hours of being kicked and punched repeatedly, starved (I am hypoglycemic), not allowed to sleep and not allowed any phone calls. I was not arrested and charged until five and a half months later.

Many prisoners claim they are innocent. We all know that's not true! But we also know that a few actually are. I AM innocent. I had NOTHING to do with Farah's death, but naturally I don't expect anyone to believe me. So, I've spent the past 9 years trying to PROVE that I was FRAMED.

I believe I am the only Death Row Inmate who has written HUNDREDS of letters to attorneys, law firms, politicians, organizations, churches, various media sources, and even the U.S. Government asking them to investigate my list of 44 civil rights violations/police beatings/prosecutor misconducts/corruption and injustices in my case, in order to help prove "how and why" I was framed. NO ONE will investigate. Shockingly, I received replies back from the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Attorney's Office, and the F.B.I. REFUSING to investigate! I've also sent letters and my list of claims to former Harris County D.A. John B. Holmes, current D.A. Chuck Rosenthal NUMEROUS times, Texas Attorney Generals John Cornyn and now Greg Abbott, former Governor George W. Bush (certified mail), and current Governor Rick Perry and his Pastor, James Mayfield. Pastor Mayfield replied to me on 12/01/03 stating he "received my letter for Governor Perry and has passed it to him." I even wrote to former First Lady, Mrs. Barbara Bush at their Houston home, asking her to get her son to investigate and read my appeal information. NONE of these people ever replied back to me. Even the U.S. Supreme Court refused to review my appeal and motions!

A most critical piece of evidence I have in my possession which is cited in my list of claims and which no one will investigate, is a copy of a document typed by Farah and signed by her and her father, Syed "Lex" Baquer. Also on this document is a FORGERY OF MY SIGNATURE! This document is dated 8/12/94; less than 3 months before Farah was killed, and just 4 months prior to our upcoming trial. Farah and Lex used this document to STEAL $150,000.00 I had acquired for my three children and had placed in an overseas bank account a few months AFTER Farah filed for divorce. The document gave Lex power of attorney, and he transferred all the money into a personal account and closed out my account! Unbeknownst to me, shortly before Farah and Lex forged my signature and stole that money, Farah also stopped making the mortgage payments on our house she was living in which I was planning on getting as part of the divorce settlement. Foreclosure proceedings were about to commence near the time of the trial!

It's important to note that Farah and Lex were NOT U.S. CITIZENS. So their felony acts of forgery, theft, and bank fraud would have had them permanently deported/exiled after they served their prison terms. Farah was also taking Prozac at this time. It's recorded in her doctor's records that she REQUESTED the anti-depressant because she knew she "was going to lost custody of her children!" I have no idea if she was planning on moving back to England, but as a precautionary measure my attorney had the judge order Farah to submit her passport to the court until our trial. One thing is for certain; the facts of forging my signature and stealing that money, intentionally letting our house go into foreclosure, holding 2 garage sales and apparently selling our van in violation of court order, lying to the police and trying to file false charges against me, having me burglarized and vandalized, not caring that she was hurting our children, demanding her passport back from the court, and admitting to her doctor the reason she wanted Prozac, are all irrefutable PROOF that Farah KNEW she was going to lost the children, house, etc., and obviously had SOME SCHEME PLANNED to hurt me and the children once again!

Rather than using the address of the apartment I was temporarily staying in, I used the address of my house when I had the overseas account opened. Therefore all the bank statements were sent to Farah the entire time. I routinely asked Farah to at least give me copies, but she never would! So shortly before Farah's death I told her right in front of Lex to make sure she brought all those bank statements with her for our upcoming trial, or else I would subpoena to get them. I could see Farah and Lex had a look of fear in their eyes when I said that! Only God and Lex know for sure what Lex's involvement and culpability was, but MAYBE he didn't realize Farah forged my signature, and after I left he confronted her about it. Being a dishonest, greedy businessman who made his millions by coming to America, I can envision Lex blowing up at Farah over this criminal act. Lex stood to lose everything, plus go to prison and be deported for his involvement in the felony theft. His life was in ruins at the moment. Because he had chosen to cease being on good terms with me, Lex obviously felt he had no choice but to concoct a NEW scheme to prevent me from obtaining the bank statements so I would not have the bank account information and discover what they had done. He knew he had to act quickly, before the trial proceedings commenced. The fact is, Lex and Farah had no idea that even though Farah had never given me any of the statements, I ALREADY had the bank account information! But had Lex or Farah approached me about this matter, I would NOT have filed charges, Lex and Farah would not have had to devise a new scheme which resulted in Farah's death, and Farah would still be alive! All I simply wanted was custody of my children, and my house back. Plus I naturally would have had them give me the money back and bring the house payments up to date. Sadly instead of talking to me, Lex and Farah chose to stage one more illegal plot on 11/09/94 in their hopes to either have me killed that night, or to get me thrown in prison for at least long enough for the statute of limitations to expire on all 3 felonies. (Note: At present time the only felony left to be able to file charges on is the forgery aspect. It expires this August 12th, 2004. I have brought this to the attention of Harris County D.A. Chuck Rosenthal, and sent him a copy of the forged document. But he is friends with Lex, and refuses to investigate!). Amazingly, Lex succeeded in seeing that I was framed all right, but their desperate plot ended up costing Farah her life for some reason. Farah lost her life, I lost my children and my freedom, my children lost their mother and father, and Lex lost his only daughter due to their senseless, vindictive, greedy criminal acts.

Although some people believe Lex actually planned to have Farah killed that night in order to frame me and cover his tracks, I don't want to believe that scenario. I prefer to believe her death was unintentional. But the fact remains that Lex did intentionally testify he knew "nothing" about the bank account, yet he's the one who actually stole the money and had it all in his possession! Even more astounding is that he also testified he gave me the gun Farah had in her possession since 1983. He claimed he got it from Farah and gave it to me in a time period of shortly before Farah's death, not long after they stole my children's money and Farah was planning for foreclosure, and approximately the same time I confronted Farah about bringing the bank statements to court. God, Lex and I all know that is a complete LIE! Lex NEVER gave me that gun as he claimed. But because the gun is SUPPOSEDLY the "murder weapon", I am now framed by Lex's incredible lies! Lex intentionally used that gun as his means to frame me because although it was Farah's, I was the one that bought it. Farah and Lex both knew that gun was registered in MY name! So having that gun was their ace in the hole key opportunity means to frame me for whatever scheme they had plotted for that fateful November night.

Because I am innocent, managed to profess my innocence throughout the detectives beating me, and refused to sign the bogus "confession" they made up, they had to release me after the 15+ hour nightmare interrogation. Obviously Lex didn't plan on my being released. Being that he didn't know I already has the overseas bank account information, Lex frantically CONTINUED to do EVERYTHING HE COULD to prevent me from getting it. Immediately after my release, Lex made sure to get all the mail from the mailbox at my house, and then forged my signature on a federal form at the Humble Post Office to have all that mail forwarded to his house! He also quickly rented a large U-Haul moving truck and burglarized my house! Naturally the first thing he took was my file cabinet that Farah had all the bank statements in! He then took as much of my furniture as he could before I happened to drive to a neighbor's house, saw this burglary in progress, and called the police. Being that Farah had just died 3 days prior, I did not even have the presence of mind or desire to go to my house to secure things. Yet Lex sure had no problem thinking clearly enough to try to cover up his tracks; not to mention the greed to plan on emptying my house of all my furniture and belongings!

Then in another attempt to get me arrested on a different false charge, Lex soon staged a phony "threat" at his business. Detectives harassed me about that too, but I told them to make darn sure to find the person who went to his business so they could see for themselves that Lex hired him. But to this day no one even bothered to investigate or find out who that "intruder" was!

Other facts of my case are that there are 24/7 surveillance on me right after my release from custody on 11/10/94. In the 5 1/2 months prior to my arrest I never ran, never pain anyone, and never did anything whatsoever that even remotely associated me with my wife's death. They even intentionally had several undercover "informants" contact me, and also have all the phone records as proof towards my innocence. Every bit of evidence and information they collected in their relentless pursuit and harassment of me all proves my INNOCENCE, so naturally THEY ARE WITHHOLDING IT ALL FROM ME!

Who the State claims are the "middleman" and "shooter" in my case are both here on Death Row also. IT's vital to note that both these men were offered very sweet deals to testify me, but both refused. Not only did neither man testify against me, but both told my attorneys that I was not involved at all. My visiting trial judge refused to let us call these 2 men to testify on my behalf, and apparently my attorneys were not allowed to tell all this information to the jurors! The judge also illegally permitted a detective to take the stand and claim that both men told him that I hired them. (Note: not only was this a direct violation of our 6th Amendment right to confront our accusers/the witnesses/accomplices, but I now have proof that detective lied!) I was convicted on this detective's and Lex's lies!

As mentioned above, the D.A. withheld, and is still withholding NUMEROUS evidences of my innocence. To cite just a few examples:

1.) The results of the "middleman's" polygraph testing which show he registered truthful to numerous questions asking if I was involved in any manner, and he answered "NO" to each.
2.) Phone records of various people and sources which prove my innocence, and even prove who actually shot Farah in complete contrast to who the State said did! (More details are available and I'm trying to get them posted also).
3.) Various other proofs that there was an additional person at the scene who actually shot Farah, including details of the detectives SECRETLY hypnotizing the only eye witness into FORGETTING she saw that other person who the detectives and D.A. are trying to claim never existed for some odd reason! (Fortunately that witness has now regained her memory to match what she told police on 11/09/94 about that person)
4.) The entire unedited videotape of my interrogation to show detectives beating me, refusing to let me call an attorney, etc.
5.) Any and all information about a key witness to my innocence who had the decency to go talk with the detectives on his own accord to tell them all he knew about Farah's death after I was arrested. His family and friends say he was in fear for his life after speaking with the detectives. He was found dead about a week later! I have been demanding the State turn over records of what that man told the detectives. Not only is the D.A. refusing to give me those records, they are also refusing to investigate who murdered him!!

These are just a few examples. More examples and details will hopefully be posted somewhere soon. I'm trying!

My conviction was upheld on 1st appeal by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals (CCA) in a UNPUBLISHED ruling. I have been in my 2nd stage appeal since '98. My attorneys had to withdraw in January '03, so I've been without an attorney for over a year now! In these 6 years, I have filed numerous letters and motions to my judge, but she has refused to even acknowledge my existence. She also has refused to grant 2 motions my attorneys had filed in '99 requesting her to order the D.A. to turn over evidences. I SHOULD have been given a reversal and acquitted YEARS AGO, yet here I still sit in this hellhole.

I am complaining of routine, ongoing corruption and misconduct within the Harris County Sheriff's Department and Harris County D.A.'s Office. Everyone probably knows that the sheriff's detectives and the D.A.'s office work hand in hand. So who "polices the police"? The F.B.I. is supposed to. When I wrote to the F.B.I. I specified names, dates, times and witness evidence for some of my claims in two separate letters mailed to a lead agent named Cynthia Rosenthal. It was in response to my second letter that her office refused me. I then learned that Cynthia is married to Chuck Rosenthal. Chuck is the Harris County D.A.! It is no wonder why I cannot get the F.B.I. to investigate.

When I was released from my 15 hours custodial nightmare, the media was "in my face". I told them that I had been beaten and not allowed to call my attorney. I later received a phone call at home from someone at then Sheriff Johnny Klevenhagen's office who saw the news and asked me if what I said was true. I told him it was the truth. Obviously, Sheriff Klevenhagen did no investigation either.

That adds up to former Sheriff Johnny Klevenhagen, District Attorneys John B. Holmes and Chuck Rosenthal, Texas Attorney Generals John Cornyn and Greg Abbott, the F.B.I., U.S. Attorneys Office, Governors George W. Bush and Rick Perry, Barbara Bush, The Texas CCA, the U.S. Department of Justice, and the U.S. Supreme Court who all have either refused to investigate my claims, or have refused to respond at all. It's important to know that all the abovementioned "men in power" in Texas, plus the current Sheriff, all the judges of the CCA, and Lex Baquer ARE ALL REPUBLICANS. Even more importantly is the fact that all those men, plus my visiting trial judge, are all affiliated through the fraternity of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons (the Masonic Order/Freemasons).

If anyone reading this thinks that "politics" and a fraternal order clique aren't playing a major role in my case, then PLEASE find someone who will investigate my claims thoroughly, with the intent of substantiating them. I have found no one.

If anyone cares to help me, either with legal/investigatory work or financial support, PLEASE contact me directly via mail or through an attorney or media visit here at the Polunsky Unit. I need all the help I can get, as quickly as possible. I miss nurturing my precious children and I need to be reunited with them.


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