Dec. 24, 2014

What if I Said

From Prometheus Writes! by Nathaniel Lindell (author's profile)


Type: Poem
Topic: Prison Life

What if I said
created 16 Nov. 2014

What if I said
That I had to stomp a skull flat
'Cause the predators here
Only respect that?

What if I said,
"Yeah, I've sold drugs...
So the woman I love
Could care for the children we have?"

What if I said
That those who wear white
Only let me wear black
And preach 'cause of that
I must be bad?

What if I said
That most those I know
Sold their souls long ago
To chemical
- Leaving me bitterly alone?

What if I said
That prison life's really weird,
And I don't fear death,
As he stares from the mirror?

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Roxy Posted 7 years, 9 months ago. ✓ Mailed 7 years, 8 months ago   Favorite
Hey, I don't know how quickly you get your messages from here but I wanted to write one anyway. I miss talking to you and I am sending you a quick note tomorrow but will write a letter soon after. I hope you are ok. I'm worried but will call and try to talk to someone tomorrow. I want to talk to the warden about Don Wayne Johnston. I do not want him writing to me again.Hopefully, they will do something about that situation. You don't deserve to be in SHU because of him and 3 other punks. I'm sorry and I hope you will get out soon. I did send you what he sent me but without his pic because my husband took it. Just trust that I will help you out of this mess. I will do everything I can. went to the library today and looked at Florida Statutes...for me. But I will look at what I can for you. Have to call Georgetown Law...again. I call them and they never answer and then call back 3 or so days later. Either way, I will us both that book. Just trust me that I will do what I can. I believe in you more than you even do. You have bigger balls than anyone I know but I had some big balls myself today. It will help though. Already did. You will be proud. Miss you!

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