April 5, 2011
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Hey, let me start by telling you what is going on right now. I am in solitary because the white power gangs have decided they are going to kill me due to my sexuality and the fact that I refuse to treat people badly just because they are a different race/religion or sexual orientation than me. It's also got a lot to do with the fact a couple high ranking guards let them know that if anything happened to me the investigation wouldn't find anything. I finally met a dude I was interested in as a boyfriend, who returned my interest, but because of this I will probably not see him again. These gangs were sending out rumors about what they were going to do to me and Kasey, so we let the administration know what was going on. They were kind of involved so, of course, they did nothing. I had to write a few outside organizations in order to get anyone to do something. But Kasey is a real quiet, shy kind of dude and somehow they tricked him, so he is still out in the yard with no one to look out for him. They were talking about stabbing me but they were talking about raping him and turning him into a sex slave. I'm really worried about him. I have always been a fighter but he's young and kind of small and there are predators everywhere in here. I don't know what else to do for him and these guards really don't care what happens to a young, gay white dude. Here is one of my original poems. Its old but I hope you like it.

Peace :) Donny

Three Words

I am so broken,
shredded and raw.
Searching for love,
addicted by lust.
Grasping acceptances,
finding only hate.
Praying for happiness,
to drown in despair.
Three words destroyed me,
nobody cares.

Punishing my failures,
trying to help the lost.
Retro-active retribution,
at any cost.
Suffering lonely seasons,
my soul wasting away.
This price is to high
being forced to pay.
Three words to save me,
would you?


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brewster Posted 10¬†years ago. ✓ Mailed 10¬†years ago   Favorite
I am so sorry to hear about your struggles. I hope that you are able to find some support and safety, whether from inside or outside of the system. I wish that I could provide more direct help, but maybe you can find some solace knowing that people have read your words and are thinking about you.

Best wishes for you and your friend.

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