Oct. 18, 2018

God's Anti-Abortion Idea

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God's Anti-Abortion Idea

Hello, everyone. God gave me this thought right after I wrote the last blog post.

All of the Christians standing outside abortion clinics yelling and screaming at those poor women accomplishes nothing. Anger and hate do nothing but breed more anger and hate. But love conquers all.

God says rather than yelling, screaming, and threatening these poor scared and desperate women, offer them an option. Tell them of God's love for them and the baby, and then offer to help them emotionally and financially raise the children. Help with doctor visits, food, clothes, babysitting, school, transportation, and even a home. We know God numbered the hairs on the baby's head before he laid the foundations of the world, and that no child conceived is a mistake. So God asks us to step up and serve him by saving these babies and their mothers.

Don't worry about money. God will provide for those who love him. Don't worry about anything. God is big enough to take care of everything. So have faith in our Father and help save lives so he can save souls. Churches and Christian organizations can help.

Come on, brothers and sisters. We can do this with God's help. And believe me, he wants this. God bless you all.

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AsherMichael Posted 2 years, 10 months ago. ✓ Mailed 2 years, 10 months ago   Favorite
Praise God! You are a good man, Donny.
Yes, love is the power behind transformation and the force God shows to all of us.
Where would we be without His patience?
If we are right about abortion - never been tempted as I can't get pregnant - then let's walk out virtue in every area, with tenderness.
Do a mother and father not show tenderness?
Or do we cut off a child as soon as it shows error?

My girlfriend, Bobbi, got pregnant in 2002. It may have been someone else's, but by the timing it may have been ours. I am so proud of her because she got a church to pay her rent and medical bills, provided she not have an abortion, but she put the baby up for adoption.

She was 3 days after labor, and I saw her out, and she was walking, without a single complaint, and looked normal again already.

But she was a very tough person Donny. Standing a little over 5 foot, she had a boyfriend who was 6'2 and he used to come home drunk all the time and they would get in fights. 3 times she beat him up, and she would use weapons. She would hit him with the frying pan. But he won too many of those fights.

I love you Donny.

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