Oct. 18, 2018

God's Welcome Home Party

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God's Welcome Home Party

Hello, everyone. I want to share a vision God gave me in church.

He showed me 200 to 300 inmates sitting outside facing a stage. The Christian prison bands and some of the big free world Christians bands were there. There was food and drinks, and inmates were giving their testimonies about how God changed their lives and saved them. None of the inmates in the audience believed in God and they received invitations from the chaplain on God's behavior. God told me, "These are my children who do not believe in me because of what the enemy has done to them. Introduce me to them, show them how much I love and miss them."

I am trying to do what he asked me.

We need monetary and political support. We need churches and Christian leaders to back this. We need someone to contact the free world Christian bands (Danny Gokee, Hill Song, Mandeca, Head Welch, anyone and everyone). God wants to save souls and change lives, and he's asking us to help. If all of heaven rejoices when one lost soul comes back to God's arms, how much is it worth to us in time and money to be the tool God uses to do it? Help me, please. I don't know how to start something like this, so I'm begging you, for the Love of God, help me make this happen for the Father.

If you are led by the Spirit to help in any way, please contact Chaplain Joey Write at this unit's address. God bless you all.

Peace and love.

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