April 9, 2011

Professional Athlete's

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"Professional Athletics"
My Favorite sport is Boxing. "Michael Gerard Mike Tyson" Nicknames(1) Iron Mike (2) The Baddest Man on the Planet. He's a Former Boxer the Brother is a Living Legend His title was Heavyweight Champion in and out the Ring. Total Fights 58 Wins 50 Wins by KO 44 losses 6 Draws No Contests. He's got a very bad Attitude, I think He was born with that. White Folks raised Him. He's been to prison once He was convicted of raping Desiree Washington February 10th 1992. Another time for Legal problems. I know of. He was married to Robin Givens February 7, 1988 to February 14, 1989. Along time Ago. THe Brother is Fine to me. I Love a Big Strong man. Because, I know He'll protect me in a War. Men Know He meant business in the boxing ring. He'll always be an Icon in my Eyes. I heard He had a child Exodus 4 years old (Daughter) found tangled up in a cord dangling from an exercise treadmill. She was found by 7 year old brother Miguel. Boxing gives you speed, And you must have a lot of energy to win against your Opponent. HIs Birthday is June 30, 1966. He's 44 years old Today. And, still sexy to me. He has seven more Children Alive Now. My things is this I don't judge Nobody in Life. I appreciate their accomplishments here on Earth.
My Love shown for "Mike Tyson".
I'm open for any opinions and, comments.
De'anna Tha' Doll

Allen Iverson (AI)
Professional Basketball Player. Well dealing With "AI" as He Was Known. Started in His young Life being Born as what they call A Miracle Baby. He came up in Richmond, VA. with Homeboy's like Michael Vick. Which they went to the same Highs school both played football were "AI" was QB and could have made the Pro's. But His Love for Basketball over road it causing Him to move on, but before college. He caught a sex charge that He did time for. Then when He got out George Town College Gave Him a change to prove He belong on the court. With that chance He went to the NBA to the 76ERs which He lived up to all the Question asked only to become elite among bigger competitors. He won a few MVP's scoring titles, all-star MVP's and led His team to teh championship to Fall to L.A. Lakers. After all the Glory He ended up finishing His Career overseas in Turkey, And upsetting All HIs Fans, But Never will We Forget (A.I). The Answer and, small Legion in His own class.
My love shown for Allen Iverson AI.

I'm open for Any opinions and, comments
De'anna Tha

Politics Views
Where Are The Jobs?
February 14, 2011
Mr. President.
First off with the Economy so bad at this
point. People are getting laid off work
constantly, because of no funds so the
Government say.
So Don't fault the President He's doing
everything He can to save the public
employment. And on top of all of this
Weve been in a Recession now for 4 years. Since 2007
And it's still not over yet. I
think President Barack H. Obama
is a Great Leader He just need
His Administration to back Him up.
If you Want to see Leadership in
the Black Community it starts with
"You" get off your backside get out
go to Different companies fill out
job Applications make phone calls etc.
President Barack H Obama demand
change but in all realize change
beings with (us). So Due your part
and, you'll see the Difference.

P.S. I'm open for any opinions, and comments.

Words By De'anna Tha' Doll

My Year in Review 2010
I celebrated my birthday 1-17-10 on Jwing 1330.
With a Honey Bun "Cake" I made with milk to Drink. Chips
sour cream-N-onion. Planters Peanuts (salted). And I was
turned on to a New Pen-Pal name Billy Murphy by
a Inmate here.
He sent me money, Postage stamps etc. During the
Course of 2010. Then I met another pen-pal name
Wendy Beam by a Inmate as well we correspond
alot in the mail.
Another Friend name Talka sent be books, puzzles etc
To keep busy she's very helpful to me. She sent money
$30.00 once too. I went and, took my TabeTest Back
in the early part of this year.
I met an Inmate call himself Westside we argue
sometimes because he play childish games with (me). But
I get along with Him. I'm going to change my ways
with Him.
I went to (DC) First time back in March 10, 2010 for
60 days. I got off May 9, 2010. Then I got the cell K1128
Kicked in by the Search Team and, Inmate call himself
Beast. Wrote a Grievance and, told I had a Knife, so
on July 19, 2010. I was placed on BWWing 1201 Pending DRs
On strip for three days 72 Hours then I got served the
DR's (2) 7-22-10 over there with my property back.
I got off for the second time on November 29, 2010.
And, Now I'm back on Dwing 1116S. Waiting to receive
my property. Which they refuse to bring me. They just
had a shakedown over here December 29, 2010 at 1:30 pm
I received a New Teacher Ms. Sievers My Family has
slowed down on Writing (me) they on some other shit.
I still


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