Oct. 27, 2011

What's Up Folks

by Oscar Vielma (author's profile)



What's up, folks?

Here's a thought that one should think about. You decide how to react and how you relate to this topic. Be honest and truthful with yourself.

Topic: Always balance yourself.

Life is a beautiful blessing to have. One had the willpower to do as they wish. You pave your own path in life and you think as you wish. We all know life is like a scale. We balance our own lives with how we desire. If you think about it, we all do good deeds and we do bad deeds. Reacting or thinking, it rolls in the same boat.

Since we are the scale of our lives, why do we do as we wish or desire? Why do we do more wrong than good or vice versa? What is the outcome of either way?

It's simple—yes, we have the power to do as we wish, but do it for yourself. Be happy and be willing to accept it. If you do good, you get good reactions (positive). If you do bad, then you get a negative reaction. Either way, whatever you do, make sure you are happy with it. Hold no regrets and don't be remorseful of the outcome. But know we ain't perfect. We all make mistakes. But understanding them is what makes your scale balance equal and how you desire to be.

Think twice before you react. Speak your mind and holla holla. Let me know what you think. Because, after all, this is just a thought. Peace, folks, and enjoy life to the fullest regardless of how you live.

Holla holla.

With respects,


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