Feb. 9, 2016

Look at what your world did to me

by D.A. Robinson (author's profile)


Look at What Your World Did to Me
D.A. Robinson

Look at what your world did to me...
left me encaged and shattered my dreams
indoctrinated me into this so-called code of silence
to muffle my screams,
by accepting this illusion of how my life's supposed
to be.

Look at what your world did to me...
Blame it on society!
Blame it on pain!
Blame it on the drugs the Contras gave Rick
and the old anesthetics we used to cover
our shame,
and make us feel invincible playing this game.
and keep them coming again and again
and again we're deceived
by believing the truth of our own make-believe
by living illusions of the "real" that we see.

Look at what your world did to me

Made it illegal to pack me a nine
in a world full of crazies with terrorist ties
where cops rape our women and judges take bribes
and D.A.s take advantage that justice is blind
and voters are scared
so now even if there's no blood there
they give you the time
be eligible for parole when I turn 99
times 2 plus 5
just 'cause I went to prison the prior time

Look at what your world did to me...
had a girl that used to call me her mystery
couldn't take the responsibility that exacerbated her
so she substituted for the love that we made
while at the same time attempting to hold on for our
children's sake
and to save some dignity
however when that verdict came down
faith was erased
and Lovely was history
finding excuses in the past she forgave
like she never conceded
that it was my unit that made me conceited
and kept her coming back
Has a lot to do with the fact
that our moms are on crack
that has us acting like that
that has us encaged
lack of verbal skills manifested as rage
and we still bear the scars till this day
hiding emotions we feel anyway

Look at what your world did to me...

Confined me here to a civil death
but jut when I was about to take my last
civil breath
I perceived the pen of the angel on the left
so I turned towards what's right
then I seen
a path of knowledge and light
telling me to get clean
remove the stains of my plight
never look back like Lot's wife
and turn my thoughts
and actions toward
better things
fixing the picture in my once shattered dreams
removing the fantasy
it's a big difference now I THINK
feeling like king when he
no longer dumb deaf blind declared
I can see
How to make freedom ring
stop crawling, get off your knees
exercise your mind and stand
on our own two feet
beating my chest in relief
I made the advance
from a pawn
a king

Look at what your world did to me!


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