Feb. 8, 2017


by Teddy Drake (author's profile)



Valentine's is the only holiday where we yearn to have someone special in our lives to share it with. A day to express our love and interest. To make that special person feel without a doubt cared about and to show we are thankful to have them and only them. It's a day filled with sweets, from chocolate-covered strawberries to the lovable and adorable teddy bears. It's in the candlelight dinners we share, glasses of wine, and the delightful meal.

The holding of hands and look in our eyes. It's the sweet kiss we anticipate and touch of tenderness, curled up on a couch in each other's embrace. It's the lovely sound of I love you!

Something no one wants to miss.

But it doesn't have to be just one day! Every day can be your Valentine's! And if you don't have any of the above? Don't just sit and wait. He or she could be an old click of the mouse away. All you have to do is take a leap of faith.

Guys in here aren't all that bad. They are just as lonely as you. Searching and waiting for their true love too. Their Valentine... You'll see many of us desiring your interest. With a moment of your time and a stamp or even a click of a Jpay email, you could start something that could find your true Valentine.

Through BetweentheBars, meet an inmate. As you will see, I am on, just waiting to be found like a diamond in the rough. :) Heck, it may not even be me. There are many others who seek the same as you.

You know your value as do I, and I consider myself confident that who I meet will find no other who will adore her and treat her like the queen she is. It's knowing and understanding your true value and that little leap of faith. Don't sit back and let someone good pass you by!

Tips with your search:
*Always check the background for heinous crimes (sexual assaults and violent past).
*Be aware of their sentence and begin date. Just because they have 25 years doesn't mean they are going to be locked away forever. You can always look on the TDC website for parole status. If they have more than one year set off, they have an aggravated charge. Yes, you may have to wait a few years, but you'll be getting to know them.
*If they have pen-pal ads, look for the section of sexual preference.
*You can also go to the TDC inmate visitation list to see if they have a wife or girlfriend listed. Some may still have it showing because it just hasn't been deleted yet, just like me. I was married when I came in but have been divorced for four years now. You can read about in my old post.

All of this is to ensure you in a successful search. I hope this helps you find your true Valentine!

Jpay.com: Teddy Joe Drake #1599339 or 938fm1673 Snyder, TX 79549


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