March 10, 2017

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by Brandon Carter (author's profile)
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It has been a long time since I have posted anything because a lot of my personal stuff was lost by the police. I am hopefully sending this message to the right spot so you will receive it.

I am going through a lot at the moment, but I will be sure to reply to you once I get your comments.

I got 30 days in lock up right now, so everything is kinda moving slow. But I would love to get back in touch with you.

I will make this short, but hope to hear from you soon. Hopefully, this will reach you!



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Rita Posted 3 years, 2 months ago. ✓ Mailed 3 years, 2 months ago   Favorite
hello Brandon,It was rather a surprise to hear again from you.I asked you in the past WHY you were ever so very long in segregation:8 months! That's horrible!Were you then in a cell alone for all that time?:(( I thought six months was already so long!Because George was so long in segregation,and released half of December'16!His lawyer would see if he needed mental help? Well, he thinks not, but he told his lawyer Jessica, that some men there really suffered from being in isolation!She would now decide if he needed help.The truth with him was because of not a real reason;it was pure retaliation!Because he helps inmates with their issues.He's an intellectual. At 39 he finished his bachelor degree in Science.That was in Stateville prison.In that time professors came in the prison.Now one can't do university studies there anymore. His best friend is there now.They were always together in a room, for many yrs.They were as brothers.George is in a state prison Menard.In what kind of a prison are you?How is your food, Brandon?the food is so very bad in Menard!That is why he made a cartoon in the past and got locked up. Activists help to better lives for inmates.It can be in many ways. Writing to higher instances to ask for help for some people.I read your beautiful poem and I look out for another one!;)On February 18/19 I hiked with a group I was in in my twenties.This time a friend asked me?So, on Saturday I marched 20 kilometers and the next day again 20 kilometers!It was hard, since I hadn't any training anymore for so very long!But I was proud I did it!:)We slept in a gîte,and walked in a high leveled area, that is protected in my country.At times we had to climb between some roots of trees,saw rivers, there was a lot of mud, even snow and icy paths!It was rough!But I plan to do 2 day- hiking more, but perhaps 12 to 15 km per day.We also had backpacks.I sweated so much!I plan to buy the proper gear and walking sticks too.I did babysitting on the two kids of my daughter: Lynn, 3 and Lars,1.Well Lars,a boy,had chicken pocks and wasn't admitted in the childcare.I did twice two days of baby sitting.Lars is a funny boy, and I got to know him even better lately, as I am his godmother.Around 5pm I pick up Lynn at the préschool.She is very witty and a smart little girl.She knows many songs by heart.Brandon, I read what kind of books you read and you asked me which ones I like to read?I love to read books with studying the psychology of people.Also I like to watch programs on tv about relations between people.It's fascinating.How people interact, etc. Here on tv I look at program'Blind marriage'Some psychologists make a study what man would match with what kind of women.Based on their characters.They marry at the city hall.There is a celebration for the couple.Then they go on a honey moon. Then they settle in an apartment.Then we can see how the couple grows towards each other or not.They get advises as well by the team.Some fail.The 4do real well!Hug,R

Rita Posted 3 years, 2 months ago. ✓ Mailed 3 years, 2 months ago   Favorite
To continue.I meant that these 4 couples do real well!With the help of the specialized team one couple got better in their relation.They are young people.Who had difficulties finding the real match.If after a quantity of weeks they can't get along for their lives, they can divorce again.Well,they film parts of the situation the couple is in, moving along with their partner.I also watch another tv program: Temptation Island.4 couples who split; men go to another part of the island and women go somewhere else.They don't see each other for ten days.At each side of the island there are men with the women group who are a temptation for them. The same with the men, where women are also their temptation.Of course they withstand that temptation in the beginning,but later on it gets real difficult!Every so often the men see how their girlfriends are acting,and the way around.It is showed in a film(parts of their acting) at the campfire.And sometimes it is shocking what they see!Some couples break afterwards. Some couples are shaped at the place were they were.And another program is where 2 naked people(one woman and one man) meet at the beach of an island in Thailand.They are Dutch people.They walk towards each other and have only a bag with them with some propriety what they like to show the other person.They have some fruit,they can sleep on a cloth on the sand, protected from the sun and it's hot.They get acquainted and do walks, do some fishing, talk about their lives,swim together, etc.Then after a day appears without their knowing, another woman.Then one person finds a book, and at the bell sounds from a boat, that person has to choose which person has to leave.He or she makes a choice thus.Later those two see each other dressed and plan,if the second shows up, what they'll do next?Real interesting these programs!
Hug from Rita

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