July 17, 2017

Why James Hodgkinsons is a Hero

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Why James Hodgkinsons Is a Hero & Congressman Steve Scalise Deserved Death
Created 4 July 2017
by Nate A. Lindell

The title of this sounds extreme, huh? Then you are not one of the tens of thousands of people being murdered each year by the calloused, selfish policies/laws created/condoned by the likes of Scalise, or the millions being subjected to chronic, less acute oppression. (I'll verify these #s in a sec, but, for now, give me credibility.)
A hero is someone who, at risk of their own safety, pleasure and often reputation, fights against someone(s) who is/are oppressing/killing others. This is exactly what Mr. Hodgkinsons did; even if he had some mental/emotional problems, he is a hero.
Most of you reading this likely think that his violence went too far, that the political process could've remedied the atrocities (to be explained). But how has that worked out so far? Despite polls all showing that Bernie Sanders would've creamed Trump, the DNC cronies forced baggage-overladen Hillary on voters.... Notice how those same DNC cronies huddled around the RNC plutocrats after Scalise was shot? "An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us," Paul Ryan said, with a pack of nodding "Democrats" behind him? ALL of those Washington politicians, with the slight exception of Bernie (& he's not perfect...), are there to fill their pockets, protect their full pockets & grind their personal ideological axes (it'd take a lengthy essay to clarify this point, but you can ponder it out on your own).
If you are horrified at Scalise's shooting, let me ask you if you are equally horrified at the multiple shootings of Black people (and the recent shooting of an unarmed white militia leader by an FBI agent, and past such shootings, e.g. "Ruby Ridge") that video recordings clearly show to be murder? You should be MORE horrified at the murders of citizens by the government's agents than of Hodgkinsons's shooting of a government agent - this is supposed to be a "free" society, where the government serves the people, is "for the people," is supposed to be "just", do "justice", thus government agents have a higher moral duty than Joe-Blow citizens.
But the likes of Scalise are killing & preying on the citizens that they're supposed to be serving. These murders are collateral consequences of,
* the prison industrial complex, which breeds & leaves untreated drug addicts, sex offenders, violent criminals (look up the series on isonline.com "Time to Heal", "What Happened to Us?" and "Descent Into Disorder", which expose the massive failing or conspiracy to breed, exacerbate generations of criminals, who prey on & kill others) and boasts about the dangerousness and homosexual abuse in its institutions;
* underfunding the FDA, leading to thousands of deaths annually from toxic vitamins/supplements, tainted food, opioid overuse;
* underfunding public education, denying people the intellectual development needed to perceive such evils as touched on heroin, thus denying people the ability to fight those evils;
* refusing to provide health care, ironically, as Scalise, as a congressman, gets full coverage, grade A healthcare - something he deems the rest of us unworthy of.
* military industrial complex,...
* etc., etc., etc.
And it all comes down to money.


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