July 17, 2017

Five poems

by James Collins (author's profile)


[black-and-white photocopy of two children playing under a water spray in the middle of a urban city street. The sun is peeking through the trees.]


I wish to go
Where the sun dips its body
A loveliness into eternity
Where angels make laughter
And reindeer really fly
Lakes never freeze
And death has no bed
It would be a place of safety
A place where ants don't gather
And a place where people don't have needs
It would be warm
And there would be song and dance
It would all happen
Where the sun resides

[black-and-white photocopy of a man doing squats with a bar with weights.]
Be Strong!
Why be sad—when season find their place
It is God's way to show He cares
So don't be sad
Count the blessings in the winter
They do change
And with them so do we
Wait for your time
It will be better
So be careful how you measure the day
Create a moment
That suits your mood
It is what God intended
Emotions are part of His plan
So be strong—and know that He is!

[black-and-white photocopy of a cartoon bee.]
Illustrated by J.C.

The flowers sway in the wind...
A dance to pollinate;
Lucky is the ground that holds them,
Giving life to everything!
Bee's gobble up pollen;
Giving honey to all that have need,
It's a sweet cycle...
The bear gets his share—
As he awakes from his slumber.
And what he doesn't eat—
Ants divide the spoils...
Summer is gentle and kind!
It is time to be out and about...

[black-and-white photocopy of a drawing of two hummingbirds. One is bigger than the other.]
Illustrated by James Collins

Little birds chirp a hungry song,
As Mom hovers overhead;
While dropping food into their mouths
She doesn't go unnoticed!
Other birds watch her goings...
The babies may become lunch,
If she isn't on her guard!
A light howl is heard...
Must be Coyote's hunting for their pups!
It is a time when the Earth is alive...
People are multiplying too;
Summer is a time for celebration!

—James Collins, alias J.C.


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