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Starting my 23rd Year in Prison
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Alyssa, I'm responding to your latest questions which are very interesting to say the least. Before I start I wanted to thank you for writing to met on my blog. All people in the cage are lonely but after decades in one I'm in a whole another loneliness. I'm sure you understand that. So it means the world to me when females writer to me.

Alyssa I'm glad that you enjoyed my responses to you. I will answer you every time you get at me its a show of respoect on my part. Very very interesting that you asked all of those questions for your psychology class that you were taking in college.

Just to let you know I can talk with you a bit about psychology considering I speak with a psychologist every week and a psychiatrist when ever I feel the need to.

I'm in a prison program called E.O.P (Enhanced Outpation Program). If you're interested in the groups I attend weekly let me know. Wow Alyssa talk about research on human interactions and how we have so much lack of intimate contact. Let's start off with this fucked unhealthy fact. The last time I had sex with a woman my ex ol lady was in October of 1994. Not what one would call a fund time am I right.

I'm glad that you are looking into this issue of mine because I have no problem talking to you about it. I have obviously 1st hand knowledge, I'm a pro after all of the decades of being held hostage in this CA, prison system.

Yes Alyssa some of us prisoners just block out females for reasons that should be obvious. Lifer inmates couldn't have overnight family visits for decades and some men won't start up a relationship because of that. Why would I want someone special in my life if I couldn't hold her love her etc. I wouldn't every put her through that type of pain.

When a man paroles from the joint it takes time to get use to not sleeping alone Alyssa. Just from the heat from her body is all new for us. The sex happens 1st but when its time to cuddle up and sleep in each other' s embrace its very hard to get use to at first.

As far as the question you asked concerning men and women in prison masturbating to cope with the lack of intimacy, well we all do that, the females in prison well they do that a lot but they also have relationships with each other 24/7 so sex is not the same for then as men in prison.

Don't get me wrong Alyssa there are obviously gay men in prison and even men with breasts but me personal I'm not into that I love a woman only.

I enjoy helping anyone out with questions concerning prison. To help you out with this is soothing to me so ask me what ever you want no topic is out of line with me ok.

Yes Alyssa CA just approved conjugal visits for lifer inmates. Inmates with parole dates have always got them. Yes the visits overnight helps all prisoners especially lifers. It keeps a healthy bond with family. It helps keep our asses out of trouble. It's positive prison programming.

Let's see would I rather get into trouble or go have sex with my wife, see my children, be with my family alone. We take our family visits every time. Obviously I've been alone for decades and now that the CA, governor Jerry Brown gave us lifers our family visits back I need to find a wife worst now more than any other time in my life.

I'm a nice looking guy with a big heart so I'm going to start trying to locate a wife. I'm so tired of being alone Alyssa it's insanity, it really is.

We use to be allowed porno mags years ago but stupid ass inmates would post naked females on their cell walls and when women officers would see them it was all bad.

Due to female guards being subjected to seeing the porn on the walls and in our property in our cells well no more porn allowed ever again was the wrong to take away our smutt mags yes but I disagree with us putting some very nasty photos of naked females on our cell walls so that woman staff can also see them. My mother taught me manners Alyssa.

Those mags are only to be used for a man's pleasure when you don't have a cell mate and no ones around period but prisoners always find a way to give the prison staff ways to take shit away from us. So no porno mags anymore. They were fully nude porno mags yes Alyssa.

The CA, prison system will write your ass up if you get caught masturbating. There's some real creeps in prison who do it in front of the female staff and they put them in the hole and put it in their file under a type of sex offense.

Masturbating should be strictly something a man does alone or only when your mate wants you to do it for her that's the only time. Never in front of a stranger and no exceptions period. Yes once in a blue moon we can still find some porn mags.

True I believe we should still be allowed porn mags but men in prison the freaks, weirdos, sex offenders, always masturbate in front of female staff so that's why they just won't allow them any longer.

Hell yea it removes stress and it's very healthy to masturbate. I honestly believe that men do masturbate out of the lack of not having a woman Alyssa not because of anger or depression. We're depressed from a lot of other reasons that have nothing to do with sex or anger.

Yes all men who don't have a mate out there while in here act differently than men who do. IF you don't have someone to love and care about out there it makes doing time very stressful and unbearable at times.


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