Aug. 13, 2017

The Boy Ate Fast....

by James Collins (author's profile)


The boy ate fast, as he knew the old lady would be coming down the stairs momentarily, and if he was caught eating her food, she'd probably spank him. he'd heard she was the meanest lady in the neighborhood. Quickly, he devoured every morsel—and just in the nick of time too. Shuffling noises were heard coming down the stairs and into the wing room. He listened to her feet make their way into the kitchen.

"What are you doing in the kitchen so early?" she snapped.

The boy thought for a moment. "I thought I'd get here early, just in case you needed me to go down town for something."

"NO! And I don't like it when you invite yourself in. There's work to be done in the garden," she said.

The boy slowly turned the door knob and went out into the fresh morning air. Took in a deep breath, and he was glad to be away from that crabby lady. Over against the shed lay the tools he'd need for the job. Within the hour, the back door opened. The old lady was holding a tray with sandwiched and soda on it.

"Come get something to eat, boy. You don't know how to say thank you. Well, I can't work manners into you. By the way, next time you eat a bowl of cereal in my house while I'm sleeping, the least you can do is wash the bowl and clean up after yourself."

The boy was almost speechless. He knew lying would only cause him more embarrassment.

"I was hungry," he said. "And I didn't want to wake you. I've heard how mean you are."
"Me! Mean? Would you consider feeding you mean?"
"Well, no! Just other kids say you're the mean old lady on the block."
She smiled. "Do I seem mean to you?"
"Not really," he said.
"Good. Then clean up your tools and we'll call it a day. Can I count on you to show up tomorrow?"
"Oh yes, ma'am. I'm glad that you're not mean and I promise to ask before I take your food. We don't have much food at home and I was really hungry."
The old lady leaned over to give him a hug and said, "Any time you're hungry, my door will be open. Just let me know, okay?"

With that, she rubbed his head and said, "Then I'll see you first thing in the morning."

And with that, he got on his bike and rode away.

The End


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