Aug. 11, 2018

Rant To Rave

From The Unseen Face Of America A Prisoner Rant To Rave by Linniell Phipps (author's profile)



I will start placing three initials at the end of the name to change the name. The three letters are: son.

Truly… I filed tort claims, grievance and civil complaint, against the horror you read about in this blog. Are you familiar with the term procedure of the bar.? There is two definition. The first one is when your claim don’t fit within the scope of the law. The second one. (Which these blogs about) is when the corrupt judge ensure (that regardless if you’re pleading fit the scope of the law) that your claim is not heard by misstating facts and erroneously applying the law to your case, procedurally baring you from the court. This is what is occurring to me… Civilly and criminally. In Phipps V. DOC, 18-2-00194-4 (2018) Judge John W. Cohrmann on 2-28-18 Granted my motion for waiver of Court Filing fees and Surcharges. And on 7-30-18 He dismissed my civil complaint upon a motion filed by the courts alleging that my civil pleading in this case is frivolous in regards of RCW 4-24. 430.
But in order for the waiver of court fees and surcharges to be granted he had to determine that the counts in the complaint was meritorious. Check out the two ruling...
IPS some kind of emblezzing schemes. Very fucking sophisticated. Everyone's involved. The state of Washington Judicial System is so mutha fucking corrupt. A prisoner had to seek review in another Federal court district outside the state of Washington to get a fair hearing on the issue. See Hadix V. Johnson, 694 F. Jupp. 289. I'm being framed and held against my will all by a corrupt entity. Prohibited from access to an impartial judicial system to address the civil right, constitutional violation that occur against me everyday. Sept. 11. is just around the corner, will I be alive. If so? What will be the condition. Better yet... what will they subject me to.
Linniell Phipps.


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EndSolitaryConfinement Posted 4 years, 7 months ago. ✓ Mailed 4 years, 5 months ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I worked on the transcription for your post.

This country is dyer need of criminal justice and prison reform, as your writing illustrates.

Stay strong,

Lisa <3

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