Dec. 4, 2018

Straight Truth

From Real Talk Always by Anthony P. Heard Jr.


Real Talk Always

Ms. L
Straight Truth

It hurts so bad that I can't express these deep unheard feelings to you in person. Tied down by so many different obstacles that I feel there is no way around. But to get this off my chest, I'll jump through as many hoops as needed. See, sometimes in life, we lose out on many opportunities because we didn't express ourselves or because we were afraid to take that leap of faith.

You know, I've honestly never felt like this before for a white queen. My whole life I've been programed to like black and Latina women, never thinking of anything else. But race means nothing to me because who you fall in love with has no color. You slowly worked your way into my heart, and I don't think you even know what you were doing. It was your honesty, your open-minded way of accepting knowledge, and your willingness to give me a chance to build up your broken foundation.

Your blue eyes and sexy smile just made me light up inside. It gave me a sense of comfort. We've had conversations where we've both opened up about the past trash, and you always made me feel worthy. Everything about you, I like. I see no flaws within you. I want you to understand I don't play games with anyone's emotions or heart. Remember, I'm not in this for what I can gain, but for what I can bring into your heart.

We can't control who we fall for emotionally. We can only control what we do with these feelings. I believe the only way I can understand your beauty if for me to shift my arousal to the beauty that's lost to the eye within your heart.

I do respect and cherish everything you've told me about your past. I would never disrespect or throw aside your loyalty and history to please anyone. I hope after reading this you can share your input into my writing and give me a sign that I'm not alone.

Growth is life, and without it, you'll continue to deteriorate inside.

Real Talk Always


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