Dec. 4, 2018

Belief In You

From Real Talk Always by Anthony P. Heard Jr.


Real Talk Always

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Belief in You

How do you find the strength to rebuild your life?

Belief in one's self.

Once you've freed your mind of whatever is holding you back in life, you can reopen your mind to the new understanding of you. For growth is about the individual as a whole, and only you know when you're ready for a change. This has to be your top priority. Every day.

The only way you'll accept the new and approved self-worth is by letting go of everything "dude" program into your mind and heart. When reprogramming yourself, you'll have to replace every negative feeling, belief about self, and thoughts that "dude" beat into you on a daily basis, and place positive feelings, belief about self, and thoughts into your mind, daily, and YOU have to believe it and apply it in your daily life.

Start with something simple like looking into the mirror every day and saying out loud, "I'm beautiful." Then present yourself as just that: beautiful. See, you can't just say it. You have to walk the walk. See, everything about growth is about you believing in yourself and your value. No matter how many times you fall down, you gotta get back up and continue to fight. For every time you get back up, you learn something about yourself that, if you believe in it, will make you stronger every day.


I feel like I'm doing this alone. Like you're not even trying to make an effort. I feel like I'm fighting harder for you than you are. I know after what you've been through, trust is hard to give out to others. But if you don't take that chance, how will you ever know if I'm the one who can help you rebuild?

This ain't a game to me. If this ain't what you want right now, you can tell me. I won't be angry at you, and I'll still be here. But if you can't open up and help me, help you, then what am I doing all this for?

I believe in my heart that your worth as a woman is to be cherished and valued. You're a queen, and it's a shame you've been knocked down to the point that you don't believe your worth: the title of queen.


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