Dec. 4, 2018

Your Worth To Me

From Real Talk Always by Anthony P. Heard Jr.



Your Worth to Me
Real Talk Always

So glad that you were by my side throughout this stage of sorrow. Even though I'm upset at myself because you had to see me in that frame of mind, so weak and torn down. Truly, I don't think I would've made it through without you. So believe it or not, baby girl, it's not just your job.

I believe sometimes you're afraid to admit aloud how you feel about me. It scares you that you've formed these types of feelings for a man that, in a million years, you never thought you would. You know throughout life, even in your weakest moments, you can be at your greatest height. It strained my heart to see your face so tired and to know that I was about to add to your stress. But do believe that nothing but a loss of someone close would have made me partake in any form of behavior that would've caused me to become an addiction of frustration or restlessness.

Do you believe this? Even if you don't believe it, inside, you're special and you're special to me. No woman has been able to win me over in such a way that you have. Even though I can see you clearly trying to fight us. You always leave room for me to improve and grow on your heart.

I do understand if it's time you need, as you told me that day. You'll open up soon. So I apologize if I've come off as too strong. But I've always been the type of guy who, if I want something or someone, fights tooth and nail to get what I want.

I hate that, even after you've fought your way out of the abusive relationship you were in, you are still being abused through these lies and false rumors that's being spread about you. Of course, it hurt. It's not true. All it's set out to do is to give people a false notion about you. You look me in the eyes and told me it wasn't true. I believe you wholeheartedly.

You gotta find the strength within yourself to be able to fight off these beliefs of self-hate and unworthiness, so we can start to heal some of your wounds that live with you on a daily basis together. Because I know I can help you regain your "worth" and talk as a queen.

As I come is how I leave.
Real talk always


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