Feb. 13, 2019

Happy New Years!

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JANUARY 28 2019

Hey Y'all:

What's poppin with you in this first month of 2019? Before I begin, I first want to update everyone on my new location. Yes, they've moved another prisoner to one o': their many plantations, or so it seems. But I must remind you that I'm not your average cat in the joint. Not to say that i'm King Tut or anything like that, but i'm definitely not someone who wastes time. I've taken full advantage of my prison time. What am i saying, for those of you who have been riding with me from the jump you know my story and accepts me for who i am. And for that, i'm forever grateful! true support is hard to come by. As the saying goes, I would rather have a handful of REAL soldiers than an army of those who simply nod and go with the crowd. So to those who have been in my corner rocking with me from the beginning, THANK YOU!

Seriously, your support and knowing that despite everything that I have been through and have put others through, that you have my back no matter what means a lot to me. At times, it has been the strength that has kept me going when times got dark and I didn't know if I could continue on. As you know, no good deed goes unpunished. And when I changed my life around and promised that I would always do right, it seems as if the Devil has sent his entire army at me from every angle.

Let me get to my reason for dropping this: Well, first i must tell Bobby Mpy and Anna that I apologize for my absence. :) I got the bat of wards you swung Anna, and can't lie, there's nothing like the truth that hits home and gets one off up that couch of misery and lights a fire under one's buns. So thanks, I needed that. I looked at my last post and realized that it has indeed been a hot minute since I reached out and touched those or had those touch me with your love and support. I tried waiting until i got the new print wheel I had a friend order but it has yet to come. And after getting your letters and feedback or shall I say criticism for being gone from the web for so long, I was compelled to kick it into high gear. So here I am. HAPPY? Well, you better be! Just kidding! NOT!

Okay, where do i begin... First off, I was moved from Oshkosh prison to this new one located in nowhere'sville, WI. I can't lie, i don't know where i'm at and i've been in Wisconsin for the majority of my life. FOX LAKE? Never heard of it until they opened my trap at 7 p.m. and told me that's where I was headed here. Can't lie, was one of the most weirdest things I have ever experienced. But what can one say? This is the state of cheese. so i'm right near a farm. I can look out the cell window and see cows. The smell is horrific. The water must be coming from a well of some sort because there's plenty of lawsuits against this place for the brown water that comes out of the faucets. The CO's try convincing us that the water is okay to drink but they never drink it themselves. I can't help but feel like they're testing it on us. :0 It's reminiscent of the tests they did on the men at Johns hopkins. Maybe not that extreme then again, I'm sure they thought the same as well.

As for me, you know. As can be expected when doing time. Still churning away at my future goals. Oh, how could I forget, I think I have finally chipped a chole into that brick wall that has tried to keep a Boss from getting his work out there. I can't lie, it ran me an arm and a leg, but I believe it has paid off. One thing you will know about prison is that most times, you're paying for trust. You already know about the botched book deal and advanced my big cuz ran off with. Then the Prison Lives debacle when I was supposed to publish with them. So I finally sided with a company named Midnight Express Books ran by a seemingly wonderful woman who goes by Linda. She seems like she going to take me to the next level. I should get my PROOF copy within a few weeks. Yeah, I know I've been saying this forever right. Hell, I feel the same.

Going forward, one thing I have learned to rely on in prison is patience. Why? Because I'm always on someone else's time. Especially when you're in my predicament when real friends are hard to come by. Everyone says they love you and care about seeing you get places, but when it comes to them putting in a few hours of their time, phones are no longer answered, letters are no longer returned, and emails are said to never have made it. Nevertheless, I have continued moving forward with my handful of soldiers.

What else... um yeah, the biggest thing of all I fell in love!!! I mean, yeah, yeah, I'm a believer in it despite the fact that every single person who has ever told me they loved me has gone on to drive a stake through my heart. Just a reminder, I have been in prison since the age of 17, so my understanding of the concept has been forever seen through the lense of not being worth it; not being worth someone giving up their time for me; not worth coming to be seen. When you have seen everyone you've grown up with leave you for dead, it's hard to see love through the rose colored lenses as one who haven't been within these walls, caged around the worst of humanity where misery feeds upon one's soul like scavengers on unsuspecting prey.

I confess that... LOVE is scary. It challenges and has forced me to go against everything that I have held dear in life. It's crazy how one minute, I was flying here and macking on chicks, as one calls it, then one minute, I was the one being macked on. I was like whoa. A few homies asked what was poppin and if I was tripping because of a family death? Of course, I threw it off on that, but really, I was freaking the hell out. I gotta give it up to those who have mastered the art of loving and caring for someone else besides themselves. It's truly something to be proud of.

See, in prison, the kind of love you have to worry about is being there for yo' homie if he needs you in a fight. Taking up for him and guiding him in the right way to handle beef. Maybe flying a care package to him if he falls on hard times, but that's the biggest of it. But I once read this book where this cat was talking about love and how we fight hard to get it, then fight the rest of our lives to keep it because we fear it could be lost. Once you see how happy you can be simply by looking at someone or being in their presence, everything else in life simply fades. And this along with knots in my stomach and being full although you haven't eaten a thing... wait, I'm a boss, I can't be telling all these things Men feel should only come from the mouths of women. SMH!

We did say on this page, we will keep it right and real, didn't we? So let me just say this: This woman is amazing! I mean, she everything I've ever wanted and more. Smart, good looking, thicker than Snickers, (:) and most importantly compassionate for not only herself but others. I love that most about her. I know this won't satisfy all thirst to know more about a young prince, but I'll leave it there. Damn ain't that a tease!

What else, man, mostly just staying positive and shooting for the moon. I've encountered a few obstacles as far as friends and family coming and going. As to be expected with me still having 7 years left. My pops passed, which messed me up a little, but I continued chucking. I can't lie, I did want him to finally see his boy doing well, since most of my life, he's only seen me in the back of cop cars and pushing everything illegal on street corners. So I was not only looking forward to him seeing me finally living my true purpose, but also being able to chill with me when I get out. So to say the least, his absence when he did hurt a lot.

As for me and moms, I still love her despite everything. She still drinking hard and I'm just hoping Allah lets her be alive when I touch. Brothers still doing them, out living. One thing I have learned is to not hold them accountable for not BEING ME! See, as many know, when I love you, I LOVE YOU! There's no limit I wouldn't g go to make sure you straight. That's just who I am. However, I've come to realize that had I not come to prison, my view on my word and keeping things 100% as kids say in the streets nowadays, would not be as it is. It took me realizing how foul I was living and having people lie, cheat, steal, and let me down at every turn that I promised myself that I would not be like them. So I don't blame anyone for not being there for me. Hell, at the end of the day, I'm my own man. I made the decisions to hurt others that led me here, so I must deal with the consequences. I would be nice to have someone there as hard for me as I would be them, but that's not something I can change. So I'm still positively thugging out my situation! :)

Umm... what else... that's pretty much all I can think of for now. Again, I apologize for the typos as you know I'm on this outdated machine pecking away, but it's even worse when my Y, F, and comma buttons don't work. Well, I hope the next time I'm posting, I'm sending the info for you to go and cop the book to support someone who's trying to change their world, one book at a time. As for those who have missed my writing, I know how the right word delivered at just the right moment, can impact one's life in the most profound of ways. But as you can see, I've been busy. I'll try to keep up posting more this year. Let's make that one of my resolutions right here and now. I will try posting often.

Well, y'all. I will drop another one tomorrow, that's my word. I hope to have my new printwheel soon, that way, you don't have to deal with my typos when reading my writing. It seems as if I had a lot to say before I began typing this, but now that I'm at work my mind is blank! I'm sure there's more you want to know about why I was sent here, what else have I been up to, and who's the new love in my life, so feel free to leave me a message and a couple of questions. I'll respond promptly. Until next time, you're on A DAY IN THE LIFE with me, Michael McThune.

New Address for those who want to fly at me directly:
Michael McThune #546064
FLCI Box 200
Fox Lake, Wi 53933

PS: Just a reminder to all of the ladies, I am off of the market now! :) Yes, this hunk of dark chocolate is saving himself for... his Queen! Dueces!


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