Feb. 22, 2019

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Date: 2/12/2019 7:33:08 AM
Subject: sunday share


just got back from church
had the privilege of hearin bout a woman who was healed of cervical cancer 2times,
however it got the best of her earthly life the 3rd time
now she's 4ever in heaven
where there is no cancer
or ne other sickness or diseases
so when all was said n done

ever just ate juicy sumptuous orange?
aint no Sunkist here
had some other brand minutes ago
so delicious i found myself utterin
god thank u 4 inventin oranges, can't wait 2 eat baskets full of em
not 2 mention other fruit like strawberries n grapes
n go on a juice diet!
n eat several heads of fresh iceberg lettuce wit several dabs of Kraft french dressing like how i do

had an idea 4 a bible commentary
gotta make sure it wasn't 1 of my great ideas

2x's got asked verbatim
"u still here?"
all i can say is
"maybe next month"

cant wait 2 live in a house (sanctuary)
where all partys r on the same accord

know it's time 2 write
cause i keep being tempted 2 do everything else
god will help me

Date: 2/12/2019 7:55:15 AM
Subject: misc monday

had 2 do some fastin n prayin
get the enemy up off of me
found myself in bondage 2 bitter gossipy thoughts, conversations, attitudes
even had a dream where god showd me
acting like yesterdays
woke up prayin
god help me

then was in my feelings
cause i believe a coworker s
comment bout
"c can't come soon enuff"
was in reference 2 my 9 days left
mad i gave into gossip
upset at myself
i prayed
help me overcome
n stop holdin grudges/givin into human impulses 2 gossip/backbite

god showed me that my problem
with my coworker work ethic
stems from the flawed system
he was groomed under
1 where the "lead in trainin"
changed things so as 2 absolve himself of responsibility
n 2 flee doin the lil things he felt he was "2 BIG 4"
now that system is bein perpetual
god told me just 2 leave notes on how the system was originally ran

wound up sit'n by a pile of 3 books at bible study
titles caught my eye
2 memoirs
1 bout a guy who had a 20yr sentence!
mind u i'm believing god im gone do 20 yrs
what r the odds?
on top of that
the book under it was
christian writers manual of style!
more noncoincidence :)
just mentioned early this week
how i believe god
buildin me up 4 a career as a writer/teacher of his word

Date: 2/13/2019 6:11:10 PM
Subject: taught by tuesday


so i was readin HEBREWS 9:1
n came across the words
"...ordinances of divine service, n a worldly sanctuary..."

instantly something came over me

i began 2 comprehend how
when god calls u 2
"divine service"
HE lovingly provides u
"a worldy sanctuary"

2 help me fulfill
the call of
"divine service"
my heavenly father
has lovingly provided me
"worldly sanctuary 's"

including but not limited 2
a single cell
writing books
pastoral visits
open doors
my heart
the bible
spiritual family
quiet time
gospel music
all of these individualindividually
n collectively
allow me times 2 unwind
b renewed
get my head on straight
b strengthened
b encouraged
appreciate discipline
figure things out
"a worldly sanctuary"

Date: 2/14/2019 1:23:04 AM
Subject: i am we wednesday


i love u


miss u something fierce


give ur mom happy v-day regards

Date: 2/15/2019 10:27:06 AM
Subject: thankful thursday

how can i b thankful at a time like this...
already had words with a coworker
we bump heads 4 mainly 1 reason
we different
though we the same height
same weight
same haircut
same nearsightedness
same age
same temperament
n in the same prison
on the same unit
n work in the same area!

the problem is simply this
we r created n gifted differen - differently

i'm gifted as a thinker
he's gifted as a hard worker/workout enthusiasts

the problem arises
he next in line 4 the LEAD POSITION when i leave friday the 22nd
n as hard as he works
he's not gifted in the area of
which the job also requires

so when i tell him his solutions didn't solve the problem
he gets offended n accuses me of stuff
how can i fail 2 train someone properly
who doesn't want 2/desire 2 learn ALLL THE ROPES?
how do u deal with someone who insist on doin it his way?
told him 2 "learn the bottom"
but he said "i did"
now its startin 2 show he didnt

Date: 2/15/2019 10:29:09 AM
Subject: thankful thursday part 2

it's later in the day
by the grace of god
via faith
i'm refusing 2 not b thankful

so the journey continues
im thankful for
my dr. dreams coming tru
a bunch of friends packed up
4 go 2 church with me
sad but my day 2 leave rgci is comin...
i got more confirmation of
20yrs n 6 months
god said yes 2 my request 2 get up at 3am so i could pray n read the bible
obviously he want 2 spend time with me as well
that I recovered from my earlier moral injury
suppose it was emotional as well
no mail
gave me an excuse 2 write as well as time to
god did tell me
in his own lil way
god kept me from getting ahead of him
i got blessed with a poem idea
at 4:30 am
finally n prayerfully received
the best idea 4 the speech competition
that is oin like 12hrs
im getting back to getting in the word
that i prayed 4 god 2fill me
with the holy spirit
so i can walk in love
cause without love everything i do is vain n pointless
i had like 8 servings of apple sauce
im gone make it

thank u 4 listening

Date: 2/16/2019 6:47:04 AM
Subject: good friday

got scratch at rec drew a lil blood
n we lost by like 30
but its still a good friday

seen a good ted talk that helped me see some recent error of my way
givin in 2 gossip n judgmental sucks

god did answer my prayers 2 lose the public speaking competition
knew it wasn't time
n that i was outside my elements
need more practice
plus need the topics 2 b something
i am personally passionate about
or have experienced
makin a speech up off the cuff 2 win applause
didn't work 4 me
fine wit it

at work i determined to walk in love
towards the coworker i wrote bout yesterday

thought i had a pastoral visit 2day but it's next Friday
still god pastor 'd me through another brother
who reminded me
"b anxious 4 nothin"
in reference to my craving
4 this journey at rgci 2 b over wit

best part of 2day was
427 am
god told me
"wear ur thermo"
i resisted thinkin
that don't make sense plus i plan 2 wear it later
dont want to smell like work
"wear ur thermo"
came 2 me 4 more times
b4 i put it on
glad i did
got 2 work n guess what?
the heat wasn't on
god knew n looked out 4 me
good thing i listened

got a graffiti book from the library
plan 2 use it as inspirational
as i plan 2 take a design excursion
like i used 2 do every saturday in 07-09

Date: 2/17/2019 6:59:10 AM
Subject: b still saturday

had 2 change it up
still standing was a bit cocky
felt it in my spirit

2days i got blessed with the notion
early at like 10am or so
so i complied
instead of goin 100 miles an hour like normal
which means get'n up
watching an hour n half of inventions shows
then get'n busy writin, visitn, n whatnot
then goin 2 the weight room at 3:15-4
then write
then go 2 rec at 7:15-8
then watch dateline

but not 2day.
i slept in
needed it as i was runnin on fumes
havin played 1 1/2 hr of basketball on an empty stomach
ate some butter popcorn n trailmix 2 recoop
went 2 sleep at like 10:30p
only to be awoken at like 2am by someone who decided 2 wake everyone up
via his yelling n screaming n kickin on the doors
all the way 2 3am

so i watched my invention shows
-im gone invent somethin-
ate lunch then went back 2 sleep
3 more hours

finally after dinner i did some homework till 5:30
watched mike n molly 2 laugh
then at 6
got 2 put'n the finishing touches on my daughter journal
couple more chapters left 2-3

4 the title n timin of the memoir

pray 4 me


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