March 10, 2019

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Feb 27, 2019

Kyla J

Thanks 4 ur reply. Likewise it's appreciated. I could've responded sooner but I was bein selfish! Thought I might get more "comments" 2 respond 2 (I did 2 days ago!) Plus I was prayin bout what 2 post - in general as I'm sit'n on piles of thoughts, reflections, undone books, poems, paperwork/prison artifacts, journal entries, etc - still not sure what I'm gone post, but I'll figure it out 4 the days end.

Well it seems, in st8 colleges r more expensive 4 whatever reason. Don't ask me y. I been in here since I was eligible 4 college. So it's hard 4 me 2 speak on. Dealt with this with my daughter when it was time 4 her 2 go 2 college. Try'd 2 find scholarships but the books I had at my disposal were severely outdated 2008, when it was 2014-15. Yikes. THIS prison system is archaic in those regards.

But thanks 2 Shark Tank I am aware of an app called SCHOLLY. When it aired on the show the entrepreneur was charging 99c 2 use it. So what does SCHOLLY do? Simply pairs u with SCHOLARSHIPS that fit u. Guess u just fill out application particulars -n- it does the rest. Maybe u can try it -n- let me know how it goes as I'm unable 2 get hands on experience.

There r also grant$ u can look into. We had a book here (2 volumes) that listed all the places 2 get grant$, how much -n- the criteria 2 get one, but of course it got thrown out in favor of a book on giraffes during an inventory. But u got "Google" so :).

Kyla is Job Corp a viable option? Not sure. Maybe a gofundme page? I also thought of u when I seen a news story about a college that teaches coding. I know u want to b a counselor. Yet the story was cool because the highlight was the EDUCATION WAS FREE, well sorta. See the deal was u didn't have 2 pay till AFTER u found a job. :) N then u just paid them 20% of ur 1st years wages. Sounds like a plan 2 me. Specially in this day-n-age when it's hard 4 college grads 2 getta job. Which seems like a waste of $ to me! Personally if I had it 2 do I'd just max out credit cards 2 start a bizzness then go from there. Least then I'd have a fightin chance 2 get outta debt, even not go into it in the 1st place. Know from the news student debt eat'n up most college grads current income. Ouch!

So what post high school educational plan have u found 2 suit u? If NE.

I feel ur frustration. I try'd 2 go 2 fashion school from here -n- it just wouldn't pan out. Finances -n- politics. Plus with fashion u gots 2 get a lot of hands on experience. So I remain self-taught. :) NE who I'm blessed. See a friend gave me the info 2 a Bible college -n- seminary that's "pay if u can" -n-/or "when u can". What a blessin. So now I'm goin 4 a Bachelor's in ministry, which is where my [heart]'s at. Knew they also offer "Counseling", which I try'd 2 take but it's "4 students in the Master or Doctor program". Still I like the fact that they offer credits 4 previous life experience, schoolin etc - when all was said -n- done I walked in only needin 88 of 120 credits 2 graduate work 4 me. Though I may never get a counselin certificate my attitude is - MY HEART IS MY CERTIFICATE.

Wish I could b of more help but limited resources prevent it -- still I trust that u will continue 2 capitalize off counselin opportunitys afforded u by ur friends -n- family -- -n- strangers alike. There's always a (type of) "prison" u can work at. Does that make NE sense?

2 answer how I've been?! Lord knows. Currently unemployed -n- - lovin it. :D Chance 2 sleep in -n- get my face on -n- my wits about me b4 I interact with others. Now "work" is the last thing on my mind. :D Now I can b about the "job" that was in my [heart] all along - WRITING/TEACHING. Lotta of sit'n in an uncomfortable chair! Can't wait 2 get out -n- get one of those sit/stand desk thingamajiggys. Then 2 the computer will make my life a whole lot easyer. Writin by pen takes a toll - though I'm still gone do it occassionally when I return 2 the free world.

Prison bein prison problems find u. Lately basketball been the source of it. On a team that's geared to lose but gets upset when we don't win. Oddly enuff the people get'n the maddest r the ones makin the most mistakes (like turnovers or tryin 2 do somethin they not good at). Meanwhile people who can't play good as me always havin the coach take me out so they can come in. He listens then they go in -n- do nothin. But don't tell them that. See they only want me out cause long as I'm in there they on the bench. Which won't help them get they name on the board (pieces of paper posted in gym of high scorers rebounders etc). Could care less bout my name bein up there yet it has been several times. Only cause I play hard. So those who don't play hard as me figure his 1 point will get him on the leader board so long as I'm benched cause then I pose no threat with my avg 7 points (a lot seein we avg 40 pts a game).

Other than that got problems with church members. 1 guy in particular always has a rebuttal EVERY TIME. I say somethin. Whether I'm explainin a scripture, givin my testimony or recitin a poem - 2 him I'm always in the wrong. Truly I can do w/out his 2c. Guess I pose a threat 2 his "popularity" or "wisdom". Story of my life specially always bein the New Guy.


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